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  1. J

    SUEDE - Deluxe Reissues

  2. J

    SUEDE - Deluxe Reissues

    I am in the SAME boat too. IF the sound is as bad as some say, which I doubt it is, then I guess we'll be looking forward to the DVD's and packaging, still, no so bad.
  3. J

    A Divine Comedy thread for Divine people

    Anyone else here chuffed about the almost released Bang Goes The Knighthood? I'm in a complete TDC mood at the moment, having listened to Promenade an hour ago! - J
  4. J

    Nick Cave

    When trying to think of one favorite Nick Cave album, about 5-6 sprang to mind. Probably a testament to how brilliant his music is. 1992's Henry's Dream all the way through to 2004's Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus is hands down amazing stuff, every track, B-sides and all. I really can't...
  5. J

    Lady GaGa

    GaGa is to 2009 what Winehorse was to 2007.
  6. J

    How do you rate Years Of Refusal, now?

    It's horrible, exposing that he is over and as uninspired and embarassing as Tori Amos on her last few albums. Tho' I do quite like That's How People Grow Up - JHJ
  7. J

    When you first became a fan.....

    I got into Moz in late '08 after BUYING THE GREATEST HITS also, making YOR the 1st NEW album of the moment as a proper fan. Oddly enough though, by 2008 I already owned: The More You Ignore Me CD single (my 1st Moz purchase) You Are The Quarry (plus DVD and b-sides) You Have Killed Me...
  8. J

    Year of Refusal VINYL

    I bought mine at the local indie record store the other day. A couple people on here mentioned that it is a "nice pressing," but when I listened to it I was underwhelmed. Sounded like a dodgy transfer to vinyl in terms of quality. HOWEVER, I own the US Lost Highway version of the vinyl, and...
  9. J

    Special Ed. DVD -- Hilarious (spoilers!)

    Re: YOR Deluxe Edition with Look At Me, I Am Russell Brand interview Russell had his chance to break in America when he hosted an MTV awards show. There were commercials with him & Britney Spears and everything! I didn't see that show, but I heard from a few people that he was dreadfully...
  10. J

    Morrissey and band bares all (front this time) new pic

    Thank you thank you thank you for the INFO... So one would assume this is the inner sleeve of the 7-inch...correct? Not sure bout the CD singles... Has anyone else RECEIVED the Cd's/7-inch yet, who could verify?? - J
  11. J

    Morrissey and band bares all (front this time) new pic

    If someone wouldn't mind explaining... Where is this picture from EXACTLY, searching but not turning up solid info. Is it the Paris single, then is it the cover of one of the CD's or the inner sleeve of the 7-inch, just wanna know cause I have all 3 on pre-order. ANY HELP?? Thanks, - J
  12. J

    Antony & the Johnsons - The Crying Light

    Antony's new album The Crying Light is brilliant...But I actually think I LOVE the Another World EP just a touch more, because it feels just a little darker and more strange. - J
  13. J

    Morrissey is the second weirdest voice in music - NME blog

    I love Buckley's cover of "I Know It's Over." And likewise for Placebo's cover of "Bigmouth Strikes Again." ...Not sure what adenoidal means tho'. - J
  14. J

    Looking for a picture...

    I do not think you'll find a pic of the Greatest Hits will ALL his hair in it. As far as big scans go, the largest and most gorgeous ones I've seen for his records/singles are on: And BTW, the Greatest Hits pic isn't recent. I think it's like 15 years old...
  15. J

    I'm playing easy to get

    Thanks SOO much!! - J
  16. J

    I'm playing easy to get

    Could a kind soul re-post this? I love Noise Is The Best Revenge, and hence would love to have this song too! Thanks!! - J
  17. J

    Years of Refusal is utterly mediocre

    Many interesting things brought up in this thread... Yes, there are very kind people on here, but they can be hard to find among the grouchy snobs who snipe at each other and new members. It wasn't 'proper etiquette' to post a new thread for one person's album review, but did it ever occur...
  18. J

    Tegan and Sara!

    Um, couldn't you say the same about Dorrissey? - J
  19. J

    For those who've heard it, how do you now rate Years of Refusal?

    The only thing that really stands out on the album are the drums. This album sounds like it was WRITTEN for Matt Walker. Everything else pales, but the drumming is great. Never thought I'd say that either, but that's what hits me. The singing, arrangements, melodies and lyrics are all...
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