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  1. Head in the Clouds

    James Dean is not Dead and Early Years Photo book for sale

    Hi All, I am selling James Dean is not Dead by Morrissey and The Smiths - The Early Years by Paul Slattery. Please see ebay links below -
  2. Head in the Clouds

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    I just saw a trailer for the new Transformers movie and there was a Smiths Meat is Murder poster on the wall :)
  3. Head in the Clouds

    The Smiths help Jack Penate with new album
  4. Head in the Clouds

    Morrissey (BAND) Pics

    Thanks for that, here they are bit bigger then :)
  5. Head in the Clouds


    I like Esser, I've met him too... he is v.sweet. :)
  6. Head in the Clouds

    I'm searching for happy music

    Lighthouse family ??! Whatever floats your boat ! Worst band I've ever had the misfortune to hear, soooo glad they've disappeared off the face of planet. Good shout on Super Furry animals though :thumb: Anything Motown always makes me happy and makes we wanna dance around wherever I am ...
  7. Head in the Clouds

    The Specials!

    Saw one of their reunion show at Brixton last month, was a real shame Jerry Dammers was not there, but it was still an absolutely outstanding gig. Neville Staple was jumping around like he was half his age ! Have never seen Brixton academy so heaving before and it was just a massive sing along...
  8. Head in the Clouds

    MGMT; yes or no?

    Empire of the Sun are a massive bunch of shit ! MGMT rock, anyone who rides their cat in a music video is alright by me:) Of Moons, Birds and Monsters is my favourite song on the album.
  9. Head in the Clouds

    I've 2 standing tickets for Troxy - want to swap for tickets to a Brixton show

    I have 2 Brixton tickets for sunday 19th that I will swap for Troxy tickets. _PM me if you still have them.
  10. Head in the Clouds

    Springwatch Chris Packham The Smiths references

    Much more easy on the eye than Terry Nutkins :lbf:
  11. Head in the Clouds

    The "new" Maladjusted

    Nah ;) Southpaw Grammar, yes.
  12. Head in the Clouds

    Morrissey (BAND) Pics

    here's a good one sorry dunno how to paste image into post
  13. Head in the Clouds

    saving money

    Hang on a minute, are you saying that at certain times of the day these establishments give out free food to anyone who chooses to pop in ?? :confused:
  14. Head in the Clouds

    Springwatch Chris Packham The Smiths references

    Is it really so strange - to like wasps ? :thumb:
  15. Head in the Clouds

    Springwatch Chris Packham The Smiths references

    Please please please let me get what I want when talking about a dove and an owl fight ! ;)
  16. Head in the Clouds

    Never really did an intro, so here goes

    Morrissey was the first musician that i could relate to, hes a real hero! I've never met him and never been to a smiths or Morrissey concert and doubt i ever will :tears: Also i'm unmarried (still waiting for Morrissey to propose), don't have kids, don't work or go to college etc. I have a...
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