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  1. ThomasG

    Bowie RSD double CD "I'm Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74)''

    Thanks so much for this fast upload.
  2. ThomasG

    Bowie RSD double CD "I'm Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74)''

    Would it be possible to upload the flacs for the 1974 show and Paris 1999 again? I sadly missed them. Thanks!
  3. ThomasG

    "Low In High School" pre-order and tracklisting at Mporium (9 bundles)

    I really don´t know if I should buy one of the bundles. Is the 7" Inch Vinyl Box exclusive to the Mporium?
  4. ThomasG

    Paris 2014-10-27 internet radio broadcast

    Thank you very much for sharing.
  5. ThomasG

    London O2 on DIME

    Thanks for sharing the FLAC version. I listen to the concert and it´s really amazing. :thumb:
  6. ThomasG

    2014-10-06 Lisbon

    Thank you very much for sharing the flac version. I can´t wait to see him in Hannover next month.
  7. ThomasG

    Looking for Port Chester Bootleg

    Re: thanks Thank you very much for the show. It sounds really fantastic!
  8. ThomasG

    2012/07/05 - Les Ardentes Festival, Liege

    Thank you very much for the show! :thumb:
  9. ThomasG

    2012/03/14 - Jockey Club, Lima, Peru

    Thank you very much for sharing this show. Just brilliant. It would be nice to have this one in flac.
  10. ThomasG

    Today is Gene Day!

    Gene are so fantastic. I saw them live two times and they were just amazing. I listen to their music very often.
  11. ThomasG

    Suedehead (Mael Mix) - first picture

    Re: Sudehead (Mael Mix) - first picture I ordered my copy on Sunday and it arrived today. That was more than fast. And it is still available for those that don´t want to pay overpriced ebay items.
  12. ThomasG

    08.07.2011 - Middlesborough, Town Hall - FLAC

    Morrissey - 2011-07-08 - Middlesborough Town Hall, UK (Audience FLAC) From Taper - Excellent DAT recording Lineage: CD>Adobe Audition>Quick Filter(boost treble)>CDWAV for track split and FLAC encode Level 8>TLH 01 Panic (Incomplete, first 1min missing 02 First Of The Gang To Die...
  13. ThomasG

    Morrissey - Mexico 2011 DVD

    This is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing these files.
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