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    Question about Australian 'Ask' 7"

    Thanks. I picked it up because it was so cheap, then remembered that it's pretty pricey with the special picture sleeve, so wondered whether the pic sleeve had gone missing at some point. I reckon I have the 1986 version (particularly as it says 1986 on the label).
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    Question about Australian 'Ask' 7"

    I just a quick question about the Australian 'Ask' 7" (RTANZ019). Was this ever released without a picture sleeve? Found a copy for $5 today...
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    Meat is Murder CD with black lettering on cover: bootleg?

    I found another copy of MIM with the black writing on the cover. This one was a WEA Europe CD. It has How Soon is Now on it. Is this the 1995 reissue CD?
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    Meat is Murder CD with black lettering on cover: bootleg?

    Yeah, damn passions! I haven't had a need to look at that website for a while, but as soon as it goes on hiatus... The cover looks pretty much like the Super Twins MIM cover, but obviously it wasn't a double cd.
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    Meat is Murder CD with black lettering on cover: bootleg?

    Today I saw a copy of 'Meat is Murder' on CD but the cover had The Smths written in black, rather than green. Is this some foreign version or just a bootleg?
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    World of Morrissey UK LP for $15.
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    Oz 1987 Strangeways CD for trade

    Hello, I picked up an extra copy of Strangeways on CD the other day. It is the Australian 1987 release through Festival Records (D30110). If anyone is willing to trade anything for it, please PM me. Thanks.
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    Collecting "The Malady Lingers On"

    The spine on the Oz DVD is exactly the same as the EU PAL version. On the back, there is a large white rectangle that has a barcode, warnings in English and German, running time, format info and the number PM 906. Above that is some text in purple concerning copyright and saying 'Printed in...
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Aly, I see you're in Australia. Did you find your stuff in stores or on the Internet?
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    Collecting "Hulmerist"

    Is the pan-European DVD multi-region? Hulmerist was released on DVD in Australia, but I don't have mine at hand, so i cannot check whether it is simply the Euro version.
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    Morrissey cassettes for trade

    Hello peoples, I picked up two Morrissey cassettes yesterday, but as I don't really collect cassettes, I thought someone might like to trade them for something. They are: Morrissey 'Viva Hate' Australian cassette EMI (TC-EMC-790180) Morrissey 'Piccadilly Palare' Australian cassingle...
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    "The Smiths File" - proposed new Smiths book

    Zero books?
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    What other bands do you listen to?

    the clash, atari teenage riot, billy bragg, the specials, metallica, belle and sebastian, ladytron, siouxsie and the banshees, x-ray spex, the cure, nasenbluten, bis, pulp, bauhaus, ministry, beastie boys, paris combo, the ramones, PIL, gang of four, talulah gosh, happy mondays, architecture in...
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    Pat Reid Bigmouth Morrissey 1983:1993

    Was it reprinted in 2004? has a few listings for a 2004 book titled 'morrissey' by the same author.
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    Collecting "Hatful Of Hollow"

    How rare is the LP with the dot on the back, but misprinted inner sleeve, compared with the one without the dot on the back and misprinted inner sleeve? Should all of these LPs have the 3.99 sticker?
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    Melody Maker video for trade

    I have a VHS version of 'Melody Maker Video vol 1' for trade. The video features the clip for Morrissey's 'You're The One for Me Fatty'. The video also includes clips from Suede, Spiritualized, The Sugarcubes, Carter USM and Lush. The cat no is MMV1 and was released in 1992. I haven't seen a...
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    Your latest buy

    Got Oz LP of Happy Mondays' 'Squirrel and G-Men...'. As the Factory Overseas Discography website says: Notes: - Unique to Australian edition: Neither 'Desmond' nor '24 Hour Party People' are included.
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Found the Australian 'Morrissey...' 12" promo EP for $40 Aust. Probably the last Smiths/Morrissey purchase for quite a while, but another desired piece consumed.
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