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  1. Gaetano

    Has Moz said anything about Israel lately?

    In Gavin McIness' recent video about attending one of the Moz gigs in New York, he mentions a little story about a fan with an Israeli flag and Morrissey's reaction, though I'm not sure how much truth there is to it, since I've not seen any mention of this elsewhere. he begins at around 7:33 in...
  2. Gaetano

    The Smiths songs featured in the Netflix David Fincher film The Killer in order of appearance

    Do you want a physical copy of the film? Because if you just want to see the film, I can share the file if you want, just let me know
  3. Gaetano

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    This is the video footage of it:
  4. Gaetano

    Morrissey’s view on gender identity

    Maybe it's the case that David Hoyle changed his views. I haven't followed him much recently. However, it doesn't change the fact that his most important work was not done with this opinion in mind. In fact it was the opposite. That is the point. And, yes, I agree about defending Greer and...
  5. Gaetano

    Morrissey’s view on gender identity

    Being 'surrounded' by trans people means nothing. That's just guilt by association. Also, it is not hard to see how David Hoyle talked about gender especially in the early 200s in that he didn't believe anyone really had a gender that you can change around. He understood that everyone had...
  6. Gaetano

    Morrissey’s view on gender identity

    I whole-heartedly agree. Morrissey is obviously well-read and is quite aware of the history of these things and he's seen a lot in his life, especially with all the travelling he's done. I think it's obvious he understands the backward thinking behind the transgender movement and their ideology.
  7. Gaetano

    Morrissey’s view on gender identity

    Once again, whenever Morrissey has referenced drag queens or anything of the like, it was always in the old British sense of absurdist, yet witty humour, such as Mrs. Shufflewick and David Hoyle (Divine David, who appeared in his Spent the Day In Bed video). This lineage of British drag is very...
  8. Gaetano

    Morrissey’s view on gender identity

    Once again, in that Sunday times interview you reference, he simply states positive views about sexual and gender fluidity (I.e. dressing the way you want to dress). This was his view since the 1980s. This does not signify any proof that he approves of the modern TRANSgender movement which the...
  9. Gaetano

    Morrissey’s view on gender identity

    Firstly, he made is own labels such as "fourth gender" as a provocateur statement and a a poetic way to describe something more complex. Secondly, he did just that, make his own labels as a way to describe himself in conversation. He did not and does not expect people to refer to him as another...
  10. Gaetano

    Morrissey’s view on gender identity

    This arcticle is about his attitude on sexuality. Which is not at all the same as modern transgender ideology. It's about how people shouldn't label themselves based on who they sleep with. And when he says people can wear the clothes they want, that's not the same as him saying people can say...
  11. Gaetano

    Morrissey’s view on gender identity

    I think him saying this is very different than the modern transgender philosophy. It's obvious he means this in a more spiritual sense and how all people hold masculine and feminine traits. He is not agreeing with the modern notion that individuals can "change" their gender because they feel...
  12. Gaetano

    Morrissey’s view on gender identity

    Also, along with his defence of JK Rowling and admiration of Germaine Greer, we can also look to a lot of the feminist writers he and Linder used to read in the 70s and 80s. One that really comes to mind is Janice Raymond and her book "The transsexual Empire", which was the first real critique...
  13. Gaetano

    Morrissey sighting: Garbage concert (September 4, 2023)

    UPDATE 6:45 AM PT: Link to Garbage / Instagram story posted by Marsadjusted, original story from hannahmlondon / Instagram. Screenshot posted by Famous when dead: Facebook reel posted by Marsadjusted:
  14. Gaetano

    Liverpool - Empire Theatre (July 19, 2023) post-show

    Ok that makes sense... thanks for the info (y)(y)
  15. Gaetano

    Liverpool - Empire Theatre (July 19, 2023) post-show

    I'm sure the whole spiel about recording the concert was inspired by the fact that Wikipedia removed any reference of Jane Birkin's involvement in Moz's meltdown due to a lack of sources... Gotta love these little Moz easter eggs ;)
  16. Gaetano

    Liverpool - Empire Theatre (July 18, 2023) post-show

    I feel like that the Germaine Greer backdrop being brought back specifically for Speedway is due to the article she wrote a few years back about song lyrics and their relation to poetry. I remember Greer specifically referencing speedway and the way he repeats "I never said, I never said" and...
  17. Gaetano

    Dublin - Vicar Street (July 15, 2023) post-show

    "I hope to God that you can continue to deal with the trauma of being alive because, as strange as it may seem, these are still the good ol' days"
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