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  1. markmustb1

    Recent Morrissey UK sighting / pictures (July 3, 2021)

    It's just ... seeing him with the grey fading hair, depresses the hell out of me
  2. markmustb1

    Morrissey at LAX leaving Los Angeles (picture and video)

    utterly amazed he still gets this much attention
  3. markmustb1

    TTY: Prince, RIP

    NEVER a bad word about someone w` black skin for Any reason
  4. markmustb1

    "Vauxhall And I" aborted re-release bonus tracks

    Seems pretty accurate on all ,to me.
  5. markmustb1

    "Frankly Ms. Tennille - Introducing My Aunt to Morrissey" by Caroline St. Clair - Toni Tennille

    Thanks Uncleskinny The best articles posted here in a while even I have said "Ok enough" while trying to get through "MIM"
  6. markmustb1

    Chicago, IL - Civic Opera House (July 9, 2015) post-show

    Just a honest opinion, I totally agree with those thoughts on both clips.
  7. markmustb1

    Street art. - Morrissey Official Facebook

    When will you just GO AWAY! shut the fuc up !! bla bla bla ,10 comments -half by the biggest No life ,douche bag no one believes you have ANY fans , most like me think your just scum
  8. markmustb1

    US tour announced -

    Promoting wpinoyb will draw no one to the shows He Will Not Play at M.S.G !
  9. markmustb1

    Alternative Christmas Speech -

    Re: Post on TTY Alternative Christmas Speech Everyone here is sick to death of you !!
  10. markmustb1

    London - O2 Arena (Nov. 29, 2014) post-show

    Hope it Never happens again , but I sure was thinking the same thing !
  11. markmustb1

    Morrissey has compiled the track-listing and chosen the sleeve for "Best of the Ramones" - TTY

    Re: Morrissey digs Ramones! ~ tty That was my thought before I even saw what you posted. God forbid morrissey ever puts the female body on anything related to him.
  12. markmustb1

    Morrissey signs to ITB agency

    Have been..but you just wont get a life and go away or at least,limit post's to 25 a day = Looney looser
  13. markmustb1

    Richard Blade (Sirius XM radio) talks about promoting Morrissey; writes open letter / email

    Re: Richard Blade on Moz: "He is too great an artist to allow his talents to be squandered in pettin "I don't know who Richard Blade is " well, he is on sirius radio's "first wave" EVERYDAY promoting and saying nothing but positive things about morrissey and the smiths a Englishman who knows a...
  14. markmustb1

    Morrissey thanks fans for new YouTube videos -

    just think of getting a life ! a concept that eludes you and that other idiot who post 20 times daily -Just think of the possibilities
  15. markmustb1

    Morrissey and his links to paedophiles? - thecolemanexperience

    Sadly your brother is something and you sit here ALL day ,must have punched you in your head too many times(hopefully)
  16. markmustb1

    Bradley Steyn complaint filed in the Orange County Superior Court (July 29, 2014)

    close to 10 posts on this topic -With your "man's ass" avatar = Sad ,No life ,Pathetic P O S
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