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  1. Riah Shusher

    Song Title Game

    Life and Limb - Fugazi
  2. Riah Shusher

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards - Billy Bragg
  3. Riah Shusher

    What would happen if Obama lost???

    Why would anyone let Obama and Damon's homeboy down? :(
  4. Riah Shusher

    what will you do for Halloween?

    I'm still right here. Where I always was.
  5. Riah Shusher

    Which Morrissey's favourite bands/artist you least like?

    I love: Magazine, Buzzcocks, Ludus I really like: Cockney Rejects, New York Dolls, Sparks I sorta like: Damien Dempsy, Klaus Nomi, Reymonde I dislike: Jobriath, Kristeen Young That is all.
  6. Riah Shusher

    Anybody into graphic design?

    I'm taking an Advertising Design class at my high school. I'm pretty handy with Photoshop/Imageready and Illustrator. I have some stuff posted in the "create your own Morrissey album" thread.
  7. Riah Shusher

    choose an alignment

    Choatic good, w00t.
  8. Riah Shusher

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Let the Right One Slip In, Slip In, Slip Innnnnn
  9. Riah Shusher

    Best Rock Band In World: OASIS

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Like Oasis (with all the in-fighting, hedonism, and 60s pastiche) but American and a bajillion times better. IMO :cool:
  10. Riah Shusher

    Word Association Game

    Glom rack
  11. Riah Shusher

    Word Association Game

    bodily fluids
  12. Riah Shusher

    Who do people say you look like?

    I've been told I look like Peter Parker many times.
  13. Riah Shusher

    80's "protest songs"mixtape ideas needed

    I'm sure just about any song from the first two or three Billy Bragg albums would work. As for the United States and Ronald Reagan, "We've Got A Bigger Problem Now" by the Dead Kennedys comes to mind: Last call for alcohol. Last call for your freedom of speech. Drink up. Happy hour...
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