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  1. smiler

    Lyrics to Smiler With Knife

    It's all about me...Just a simple thank you.
  2. smiler

    Billy Bragg on Morrissey and things

    It was the other way round Brand via Morrissey not Morrissey via Brand
  3. smiler

    Billy Bragg on Morrissey and things

    No pal its you that doesn't get it. The system is corrupt, don't engage with it. They do not "prefer it" if you don't vote in fact they get very uptight about "turn out" and spend lots of money to encourage people to vote. When the turn out is low it becomes much harder to claim a mandate...
  4. smiler

    Forgive Someone (Unofficial Video)

    Thank you very much for your help and support in this matter x
  5. smiler

    Billy Bragg on Morrissey and things

    To me it means don't vote at all, for anyone, don't even engage with the process. Don't follow leaders. I don't believe in parliamentary democracy or any system that supports capitalism.
  6. smiler

    Billy Bragg on Morrissey and things

    I'm sorry I don't speak oaf, do you have a point?
  7. smiler

    Billy Bragg on Morrissey and things

    I quite agree, However I don't think that prisoners should be subject to privileges that others aren't afforded. I've never mugged anyone yet where is my free guitar Mr Marr? Perhaps their sympathies should lie with the victims of crime, by all means give them a free guitar. However that...
  8. smiler

    Billy Bragg on Morrissey and things

    You read the Guardian don't you.
  9. smiler

    Billy Bragg on Morrissey and things

    I used to love Billy Bragg but then I grew up, he is politically very naive and he refuses steadfastly to admit his grave and costly errors. Morrissey has always been so much more astute with his social and political observations. Bill spent his energy encouraging people to vote Labour and...
  10. smiler

    Morrissey and his links to paedophiles? - thecolemanexperience

    PM from Viva !Viva Hate! !Viva Hate! is offline peace is for pussies !Viva Hate!'s Avatar Join Date May 2006 Posts 14,117 Thumbs Up Received: 425 Given: 130 Whoops, sorry. I haven't been on solo for awhile and I thought you were Marred. I like to antagonize him. I'll delete the...
  11. smiler

    Morrissey thanks fans for new YouTube videos -

    no that doesn't make any sense. When you use material under copy write it usually gets picked up on youtube pretty quickly (as it did in this case) and the video is then restricted. That means the video won't play on phones and in some countries. However these restrictions have since been...
  12. smiler

    I'm Not a Man (Unofficial Video)

    thank you but you should still have a go yourself anyway there is always room for another interpretation
  13. smiler

    Harvest "World Peace..." promotional sites offline / stopped?

    my unofficial youtube videos no longer have matched third party content (they did until today)
  14. smiler

    WPINOYB: Unofficial Video

    Thanks - and I fixed it.....
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