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  1. vivabob

    How do you think Years of Refusal will fare critically and commercially?

    i think it will be a bigger seller than ROTT due to the release dates and the extensive touring . the songs seem to be quite accessable similar to YATQ , its all down to how much press he does , no interviews or hype no sales simple and sad
  2. vivabob down?

    big thanks to you for taking the time too do it , i can think of no better site
  3. vivabob

    "His hands are tied" ....and other such avoidances

    he did , he gave them to me ... i phoned him after i never got them for the 23rd and he gave me his an angel of a chap I think he will , he provokes a good argument yes you did and thank you x too far ... far too far
  4. vivabob

    Morrissey in the Boxing Ring

    this was my favourite interview ... i have a famous when dead badge that bellonged to morrissey
  5. vivabob

    Thread of the Year 2008

    2009 southpaw and maladjusted reissue (with extra tracks) years of refusal perhaps the live DVD (that we shouldnt buy) the second singles box set and a world tour looks like 2009 is going to have plenty to talk about ...
  6. vivabob

    Smiths vinyl box oddity?

    will you buy me a lottery ticket ?
  7. vivabob

    Morrissey Johnny and Damien Dempsey

    LOL ... mozz looks right into it :D
  8. vivabob

    Update on ''Panic On The Streets'' Calendar

    i got mine and its great ... better than expected
  9. vivabob

    Morrissey and the BNP

    LOl that made me laugh :p
  10. vivabob

    Maladjusted re-release..

    i had my suspisions it wasnt right ... but hey there ya go what sad minded individual would waste their time in such a way, is it funny or just dull ? Arsehole :angry:
  11. vivabob

    Now, that's na ideia!

    its obvously a lie .... i mean she would come to me first ;)wouldnt she :eek:
  12. vivabob

    The Fifth Smiths Album...

    challenge extended ;)
  13. vivabob

    Maladjusted re-release..

    Re: Reissues i will buy it there is no point saying i wont BUT , i think the cover is actually worse , the track listing has one track not previously available in the UK "sorrow will come in the end" as it wasnt released here at the time for fear of upsetting, mind you we all have it as at...
  14. vivabob

    Striptease with a difference

    well if you go to the download section you will find a few that have just rare and unreleased tracks otherwise go to
  15. vivabob

    The Fifth Smiths Album...

    it was a strange first post but welcome to the forums :D
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