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  1. CharlieFairhead

    why hasn't morrissey toured africa?

    :thumb: Let Me Kiss Uganda/Whatever Happens, I Love Uganda I'd Love Togo
  2. CharlieFairhead

    Morrissey on Desert Island Discs - 29 Nov 2009

    Enjoyed it greatly, also apart from Klaus Nomi has he not loved a record post 1975?
  3. CharlieFairhead

    The VIZ/Morrissey ongoing relationship Pt.94

    Re: The VIZ/Morrissey ongoing relationship, pt.94 Class. He does invite it on himself at times, not bottle throwing before i get taken to the forum stocks.
  4. CharlieFairhead

    Liverpool Echo - 'Why Morrissey was right to walk off'

    Probably all getting a bit tiresome now but an interesting article nonetheless.
  5. CharlieFairhead

    People booing after Morrissey left the stage

    Some people have got no pride, they do not understand the urgency of life.
  6. CharlieFairhead

    Morrissey collapsed on stage

    God some people here are vile, this isn't the time or thread for silly attention seeking posts...that includes you Emma. Fancy trying to gain reactions when somebody is ill, if you're not arsed about the man then _ _ _ _ / _ _ _!
  7. CharlieFairhead

    The official 'Get Well Soon' thread for Morrissey

    Shit i hope he's okay, the man is my surrogate dad. Sounds like a bit of a burnout. Much love Morrissey. xx
  8. CharlieFairhead

    Robbie Williams: I wanted to be Morrissey

    He used to (possibly still does) blast 'Suedehead' out of his windows to any waiting paparazzi etc Useless fact no 469843.
  9. CharlieFairhead

    Swords review on Altsounds - two extra songs?

    Regardless of whether or not this chap has a proper copy of 'Swords' i reckon Mr. M. A. Reed's summary/review is pretty much spot on:
  10. CharlieFairhead

    South Bank Show

    It'll be the one about the The Smiths when they broke up, he's just annoyed cos they've never asked him. Says it all. "I don't think Morrissey is a great singer. I met him when the Smiths first started out. A magazine suggested he interview another singer, and I don't know why, he chose me. I...
  11. CharlieFairhead

    Johnny Marr on The Smiths, the internet and Morrissey

    Re: hmmmm Well he may have just been having a bad day, it was the 80's after all. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt.
  12. CharlieFairhead

    Johnny Marr on The Smiths, the internet and Morrissey

    Yeah he's a great bloke/writer Paul Morley.
  13. CharlieFairhead

    Johnny Marr on The Smiths, the internet and Morrissey

    I think he just gets tired of the same questions Amy, i think any swipes were a product of that.
  14. CharlieFairhead

    Morrissey Coachella on 'Never mind the Buzzcocks'

    Re: Morrissey Coachella on Buzzcocks Eloquently put.
  15. CharlieFairhead

    Morrissey and Marr is DEAD

    They're already on ebay.
  16. CharlieFairhead

    Morrissey and Marr is DEAD

    Me three, I got over it a long time ago.
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