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  1. oscillate wildly

    Movies for Morrissey fans

    don't forget Blue Crush and Barber Shop!
  2. oscillate wildly

    Worst ever Smiths/Morrissey song

    At Last I Am (really, really) Bored.
  3. oscillate wildly

    What's the apeal in Morrissey's lyrics for women ?

    absolutely no characteristic or behavior is specific to one gender. except for sexual organs sometimes but Morrissey only sings about them in the form of 'explosive kegs'. the end.
  4. oscillate wildly

    First time ever hearing morrissey saying f***

    Re: First time ever hearing morrissey saying 'f***' divalicious! I knew I loved him for a good reason.
  5. oscillate wildly

    is Morrissey in danger of destroying his own enigma?

    is it cos he showed he took some almost-nude photos and made them public? that is a career move I can get behind.
  6. oscillate wildly

    How do you feel about Kill Uncle?

    I was waiting for you to reply. :p
  7. oscillate wildly

    clearer video of Morrissey being hit

    is it wrong that this makes me LOL really hard?
  8. oscillate wildly

    God hates the Smiths

    lolz @ satanic Nick Cave.
  9. oscillate wildly

    Emotionally impacting lyrics

    pretty much every second of That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore and Seasick yet Still Docked.
  10. oscillate wildly

    New merch

    what she said. ^^^
  11. oscillate wildly

    Well obviously, but WHY??

    I want to have one hand in the R's fro and the other feeling their mullets. real talk.
  12. oscillate wildly

    I love Morrissey so much

    just because it's been awhile.
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