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  1. J

    Suede to release comprehensive “Best of” compilation

    aw, that's a shame about the magazines. early suede.. yeah, not noteworthy, just really sweet from what i've heard (be my god, she's a layabout... um... can't remember if there are any more...). i like post-bernard suede a lot, but bernard-era suede was just so unbelievably good. he's dead =...
  2. J

    Singers whose voices get worse over time...

    saw suede live and brett sounds amazing now! it's unbelievable really. full recovery. he chooses to sing differently -he's talked about how he used to oversing before and after seeing a bunch of old suede vids, i think i agree. ian sounded ok. i couldn't really get into the music when i saw...
  3. J

    A Divine Comedy thread for Divine people

    after years of ignoring tdc, i got back into them with BGTK & ugh, i really wish i could see neil perform now! these solo shows seem amazing.
  4. J

    Suede to release comprehensive “Best of” compilation

    haha really? that's sweet. i heard an early suede song (justice) for the first time a few days ago and they were so ridiculously smithsy, aww. do you happen to have the interview still? re: what to start with... i'd say 'suede', then 'dog man star', then 'coming up', then 'head music', then...
  5. J

    morrissey frink thread!

    (comes out of lurking) hey you guys do you know where comes from? i found it in my moz pictures folder and it looks like a screencap but i don't remember where from.
  6. J

    Brett Anderson - Slow Attack

    the live in berlin album released online about a month ago
  7. J

    Brett Anderson - Slow Attack

    does anyone have the live album?
  8. J

    i f***ing hate when morrissey fans use the word "vile"

    i've always used vile. also vulgar. i only got into morrissey um, three years ago...
  9. J

    Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice - Lopez Tonight with the ending
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