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    "Dear God Please Help Me" - Original Morricone Mix

    Thanks, Skinny! Just a flying visit, but nice to "see" you again.
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    "Dear God Please Help Me" - Original Morricone Mix

    Could any kind soul share this? It was some clever clogs' mix of Morricone's original arrangement and the final product.
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    For those who've heard it, how do you now rate Years of Refusal?

    I don't think it's quite as bad as Kill Uncle, but it's certainly as mediocre as Southpaw Grammar and Maladjusted. Compared to Ringleader (it is just Ringleader 2), the lows are lower and the highs are less high. "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore", the best song on the album, still isn't even all...
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    New York Dolls support in Cork

    I'm so there.
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    Suede Bootlegs 92-95

    Déjà vu or what.
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 233: ALL YOU NEED IS ME

    Just downloaded the Greatest Hits version (illegally, mind), and I genuinely like it. Far superior to that abomination.
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    Video of Brand, Walliams & Ross

    If ever there were a case to be made that Morrissey fans are bat shit crazy, it's that woman screeching at the end with all the hysteria of a rape victim. Embarrassing affair for everyone concerned, it seems.
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    Why Morrissey is right on immigration!

    I love how some Moz apologists will actually go as far as endorsing and regurgitating mindless, ill-informed, biased xenophobia.
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    New NME Morrissey interview???

    His xenophobic opinion.
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    New NME Morrissey interview???

    Within 10 minutes, I'm already remembering why I don't come here anymore.
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    New NME Morrissey interview???

    (Haven't read the thread) He says he'll never come back to England because it's full of immigrants... a bit rich coming from a man who has been living in foreign countries for over 10 years now. Let's face it, the chances of Moz learning Italian and compromising his Englishness in any way are...
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    New Song

    Further proof everyone but Boz needs booting.
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    happy birthday to dazzak & littlecharmer

    Ah, I still lurk a bit. I've been tempted to come back and belittle Morrissey's newer songs ("That's How People Grow Up" has to be a joke), but it's just not my style. Thanks for the HBs, though. Day's been nice, and I'm going out later to get absolutely - and legally - sloshed.
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Nearly made it four months.
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    have you guys given up moderating the boards?

    We may not know what came before the big bang, but to magically jump to the idea that some thing created it poses and creates far more unanswerable questions that it could ever answer. As most scientists will no doubt agree, it was probably a very simple reaction that, in turn, yielded...
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    pet shop boys

    They're probably the only band that has sustained their genius thoughout a relatively long career by pop standards, albeit with some bumps in the road. By my count, they've put out 6 truly astonishing albums, up there with the best ever. That's, say, twice as much as our man Moz has managed, and...
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    any musicians in here?

    Skinny's "Kit" is really top notch. Great guitar playing.
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    Friday night yipee! lets talk booze!

    It's a night in for me, I'm afraid. But I am going out to Uki Yo tomorrow night with loads of friends. Me, drink and Japanese karaoke always means fun.
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    Celebrity Big Brother

    What's most interesting about this is the backlash against the furore. People so vehemently denying that racism is playing a part, the anti-PC brigade. Whilst I'd agree that this thing has been blown out of proportion, it does take something as silly as a reality TV show to make people talk...
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