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  1. Disappointed

    Taser; Australian for "demerit"

    When I was in Victoria, Australia, last year, I discovered that people from that area (well, the people in my acquaintance, anyway) like to poke fun at people from Queensland, similar to the way that people here in the States like to poke fun at Southerners.
  2. Disappointed

    Incomparable Inhumans

    Unfortunately, it seems to me that this is perfectly human behavior. Humans are, for the most part, petty, cruel, violent creatures who care only about themselves. :tears:
  3. Disappointed

    John Lennon Killer Mark Chapman Denied Parole

    Well, he should have thought of that before he killed Lennon, now shouldn't he? He made his bed, and he can lie in it. I have no pity for him.
  4. Disappointed

    The Atheists vs The Catholics

    I admire her bravery. Unfortunately, I think that many people here in the US would not vote for a candidate who was atheist or agnostic. I hope that that changes soon.
  5. Disappointed

    The Pop Tart Cafe

    I can't eat Pop Tarts, as the filling as gelatin in it. :sick: I did find a brand of "organic", vegetarian Pop Tarts (or should I say, "toaster pastries"), though, which are pretty decent.
  6. Disappointed

    Which Discontinued Foods Do You Miss Most?

    Yeah, Bugles are still around.
  7. Disappointed


    Why is that funny, exactly? :confused:
  8. Disappointed

    Funny Kid Stories

    Those kids were being very logical! That's a logical conclusion to come to--if all dead people are in heaven, and god is in heaven, then god must be dead, too!
  9. Disappointed

    Smooth down your lady parts with camelflage or camel ammo

    Or you could...ya know...just wear pants that fit properly. That would work, too.
  10. Disappointed

    Does Size Matter?

    Also, what did the guy expect would happen? The woman is a LESBIAN. By definition, that means that her meaningful sexual/romantic relationships are with women, not with men. Guys should know that they can't "change" a lesbian so that she becomes straight, and wants to have deep relationships...
  11. Disappointed

    Does Size Matter?

    But isn't the point that she DID have someone she felt feelings for, and it wasn't him? The woman who she was in love with came back into her life. She didn't have feelings for the guy, he was just a bit of fun. I've never read the comic, this is just my interpretation based upon what you...
  12. Disappointed

    Bill Maher is a Filthy Racist

    I don't like Bill Maher at all. I don't know whether he's racist, but he is most definitely a sexist pig. :sick:
  13. Disappointed

    What's your suburb like? public transport

    I did have a very good experience in Melbourne! :-) I loved the city. I can't wait to go back to Australia.
  14. Disappointed

    What's your suburb like? public transport

    I wish that my suburb had any public transport to speak of. There are a few buses out here, but where they go is extremely limited, to the point of almost being useless. We do have a commuter rail line that goes into the city, and can get you from one suburb to the next. The trains are...
  15. Disappointed

    the i hate hen nigts thread

    What's a "nigt"? :confused:
  16. Disappointed

    What should JJ's next name be?

    Revenge of the Jukebox The Jukebox Strikes Back Jukebox 3D Son of Jukebox Jury Jukeboxes of the World Unite Jukebox Take A Bow
  17. Disappointed

    being ugly, a serious discussion

    Robby, you can post as many threads and polls in here as you want. :) Don't let Kewpie intimidate you.
  18. Disappointed

    Where was Obama born?

    A birther is a person who contest's President Obama's citizenship. :crazy:
  19. Disappointed

    Supreme Court Overturns Animal Cruelty Law

    I would think that "crush" videos, dog-fighting videos, etc., would, indeed, fall into the same category as child pornography videos and snuff films. That just seems to be common sense to me.
  20. Disappointed

    Save Me campaign

    Can't you consider more than one thing in an election? :confused: Admittedly, I'm not English, but I don't think that this is an either-or proposition...
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