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    Sinead Appreciation Society

    Plenty of radio programme tributes available (in the U.K. at least) on the BBC Sounds app (search “Sinead”). Also available for another 3 weeks or so as a tribute is “The First Time With Sinead“ - an hour long programme featuring a 2012 interview with Sinead about her first musical memories...
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    Download: Sinéad O'Connor "Rarities Vol. 1" (FLAC)

    Much appreciated - thank you, Thierry and F.W.D.
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    Sinead O’Connor album request

    Oh, that’s really kind of you. Thank you so much, Miss Dee - much appreciated. X
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    Sinead O’Connor album request

    Bump / update - managed to locate copy of ‘TDYA’, fortunately before this week’s awful, awful news. Still on the lookout for ‘Collaborations’ though, ideally in FLAC as suspect the price of both hard-to-find CDs will have skyrocketed further still since my post of last month…
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    Sinead O’Connor album request

    Hi, I recently rediscovered S o’C and have been digging back through my CDs of her albums. Unfortunately, I have a gap in my collection for the 2005 album ‘Throw Down Your Arms’. This is also frustratingly unavailable on my Qobuz, my streaming service (I don’t know if they are unavailable for...
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