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  1. Harryrag

    London - London Palladium (Mar. 10, 2018) post-show

    I have only seen Morrissey live once before, when he played Singapore for the first time in his career back in 2012. Even after he made punters endure standing for hours in unusually humid conditions at Fort Canning Park, rocking up on stage at least an hour late, it was still a special moment...
  2. Harryrag

    "Jacky's..." official video out on Thursday 30th Nov.

    A big shame they didn't release this as the single dropped to create more of a buzz before the album faced the charts. Far more engaging and visually appealing than the more basic performance video for Spent The Day In Bed. You can tell Morrissey is absolutely in his element. Challenges the...
  3. Harryrag

    "Spent The Day In Bed" - new single debuts on BBC Radio 2 / The Chris Evans Show (Sep. 19)

    Spent The Day In Bed is a nice little ditty. Clean sounding too. Stands out for its chirpiness which is rare for Morrissey in this era (could easily be on Bona Drag). And I can see why it is getting praise from the reviewers and people online who are presumably not Morrissey fanatics who keep...
  4. Harryrag

    "Low In High School" limited edition green vinyl and art print - pre order available on HMV

    I wonder if a high res version of the HMV exclusive print will be doing the rounds. Maybe we could use that in place of the original album artwork?!
  5. Harryrag

    Enquiry regarding Autobiography

    Thank you Can anyone give me a definitive answer on this please?
  6. Harryrag

    If Morrissey had a record deal, would he still be writing books?

    He is his own man. I can still see him writing away for Penguin even with a record deal. You don't make money in music anymore. It's even getting harder to squeeze profits from the touring
  7. Harryrag

    Enquiry regarding Autobiography

    Hi all, I'm finally getting round to purchasing a copy of Morrissey's Autobiography. I am aware the US version made no mention of Morrissey's sex life. Is the UK reissue also edited? I just want to know what edition to buy so I can enjoy the full text. Thanks
  8. Harryrag

    Please Close The Door Behind Me - Morrissey statement at TTY

    Re: TTY Statement : Please Close The Door Behind Me World Peace production values make both Refusal and Quarry sound like they were recorded in shoe boxes. But World Peace lacks their cohesiveness and falls down on sloppy lyrics. Then again, I'm Not A Man, Staircase At The University, Kiss...
  9. Harryrag

    Please Close The Door Behind Me - Morrissey statement at TTY

    Re: TTY Statement : Please Close The Door Behind Me It's a matter of taste I'm afraid. (Disclaimer: I enjoy World Peace. But it's no Years Of Refusal.)
  10. Harryrag

    Please Close The Door Behind Me - Morrissey statement at TTY

    Morrissey's gone up in my estimation after this statement. Jaunty writing and, for once, he's at least trying to be even-handed.
  11. Harryrag

    Do you think Morrissey will ever record another album, or is 'World Peace' his final LP?

    There's life in the old dog yet. We're just going to have to wait. For how long? No one knows. Not even Morrissey.
  12. Harryrag

    Harvest ends contract with Morrissey - TTY

    Sigh. Here we go. Back to the wilderness years...
  13. Harryrag

    George Michael lets us in on a secret

    Scroll down the article to the very end and you'll see George Michael suggests something that has seemed highly unlikely for years. Does he know something we don't? Or is he just winding us up? Q&A: George Michael - The Guardian
  14. Harryrag

    "World Peace..." enters at #2 in UK album chart

    Went through to the chart people and it seems Morrissey was no competition for Ed Sheeran.
  15. Harryrag

    UK chart position, day one (#2) -

    I want to get the album on vinyl to help Moz. Does anyone know if the sale is counted on the UK charts if I'm using a UK debit card (and purchasing on Amazon UK), but posting it to an address outside the UK? Cheers.
  16. Harryrag

    Under the Hood of Morrissey’s ‘World Peace...’ With Producer Joe Chiccarelli -

    "I'm Not A Man" really suffers from all that hissing and nothingness at the start. Joe Chiccarelli obviously had a gut feeling and should have cut the fat. Morrissey's stubbornness needs an assertive producer. Though kudos to Chiccarelli for such a delicious mix.
  17. Harryrag

    New York Times Arts and Leisure section July 13, 2014 - WPINOYB full page ad on back cover

    He probablly still will. All he has to do is point at the chart position (providing it's not clocked the Top 10) for him to think the label's marketing efforts is fair game.
  18. Harryrag

    Varying degrees of sleeve quality

    Is that a second clonestamped brick on the far left there of the cover? Oh noes.
  19. Harryrag

    "World Peace Is None of Your Business" Reviews

    The Daily Mail has given the album an unexpected 4 stars and a nice little review.
  20. Harryrag

    No more clonestamp?

    What a weight off the shoulders! And I'm not even a graphic designer! Now I'm just holding out for a high-res JPEG of the finished product so I can amend iTunes accordingly. Strange how the label haven't provided Amazon, iTunes and other online retailers with the changed album artwork.
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