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  1. jackson

    Beaumont pit tix 2 to purchase

    Just curious if anyone out there has two pit tickets for the Beaumont show to sell? This show would be a very long reunion between two best friends since 1992 and 1997. NOLA, Tulsa,,, Atlanta Houston etc. Spanning years . Thank you.
  2. jackson

    Dec. 12 Guadalaraja

    Just wanted give a shout out to those who are attending this show. I do not doubt that you are all in for a treat giving Moz's Catholicism and this day being "Our Lady of Guadalupe" He's in Mexico and its a great feast for those whom are Catholic. Viva Moz, Have a great day!
  3. jackson

    Santa Fe, NM - Santa Fe Center (Nov. 19, 2011) post-show

    Thanks to the ones that actually did a review of the shows. The real ones. Thank you.
  4. jackson

    Santa Fe for Sale

    Hello, If anyone would like to purchase 1 ticket for SFe, NM I have one for sale. My Mother passed away this week and I will not be able to attend. I'm selling it for $30 dollars. Plz PM me if interested. I guess what I'm saying is that if you're going to purchase a ticket, plz buy it from...
  5. jackson

    US Tour Dates out

    Re: Austin, TX Presale Thank you very very much Billybud71. Much appreciated :)
  6. jackson

    US, Mexico tour dates on

    Where are you seeing this info.? I'm not seeing any seating charts yet. Thanks
  7. jackson

    A Question for the Girls

    He was handsome all the way until he made that television appearance(s) on Craig Kilborn in 2002. That was a shock to me. But now looking at the footage, not all that bad. Hmmm, I just remembered this on the debut and I shook my head.
  8. jackson

    2020 live dates

    Re: 2011 live dates I know that I'm late on posting this, but seriously? Do you live in Texas? THE one and only "Conservative" Republic in the Union. Total Troll!
  9. jackson

    The vulgarity of his lyrics

    "All of the gifts that they gave can't compare in any way to the love I am now giving to you right here, right now, on the floor"
  10. jackson

    Mozipedia - What have you learnt?

    When he was in New Orleans in 1992 he bought tons of jazz, creole, and Zydeco from a store named Record Ron's.
  11. jackson

    Reader Meets Author

    Its about Johnny Rogan.
  12. jackson

    Morrissey 2009-04-11 Houston, TX

    awesome if one has all the video as well. Now that would be ace. :thumb:
  13. jackson

    Morrissey 2009-04-11 Houston, TX

    Thank you very much for downloading and converting. It was a phenomenal show, one of the best that I've been to, but then again, I'm partial for it was in my home town. A friend and I were just discussing yesterday that has almost been a year since this show.. and Its wonderful to have. Thank...
  14. jackson

    Morrissey's balding

    I think he's just doing the "comb over" bit. His receding hair line, still seems to in place since '97. Notice how he no longer (when running his fingers through his hair) to make a pomp, but now more to his right side. :lbf:
  15. jackson

    San Diego Photos, Dec 8 2009

    Best quality, best of all that i have seen thus far for 2009. Thank you. cheers
  16. jackson

    Trivia you've always wanted to know about Morrissey

    Moz is 5'10" tall. He's really not all that tall. His long torso makes him look a lot taller. :)
  17. jackson

    Morrissey slammed for glamourising suicide

    Re: "Morrissey Slammed For Glamourising Suicide" That is not totally true. Most people that commit suicide are the ones that just have that (IR)rational thought, just THAT (IR)rational thought that it may be better. Its rational at that moment, that everyone is better off without them in...
  18. jackson

    Morrissey throws a heckler out of the Hamburg concert

    I don't feel bad for the guy who said that.. it was just wrong, he rightly deserved it. However, if he were such a fan (just check your p's and q's my boy) he shouldn't have said that. I feel bad for him in a sense b/c Moz can cut anyone down to pieces if he so wishes, and that would be hard...
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