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    Morrissey's second cousin Robbie Keane on Irish TV

    Irish Footballer Robbie Keane talking about how he found out Morrissey is his Cousin on 'The Late Late Show' very brief mention but quite sweet non the less, I think the RTE player is available to view everywhere starts at approx 5:50 to 6:45
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    Morrissey Owes Us Nothing

    Re: Morrissey Owes Us Nothing. Wow, you really do take your solipsism very seriously don't you? You may have noted that I did not direct my original post to you, nor did I name you, yet you identified personally with my suggestion that those who spend an obscene (yes, obscene) amount of...
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    Morrissey's Zagreb Rider - Croatia Week and Več

    How is this thread still going? ( I recognise that I'm adding to that fact) but Seriously! Comment number 403 (at last count) the last 4 shows ie, Athens, Zagreb, Dublin and London, have 944 comments in total (again at last count) Is cheese REALLY that important in the grand scheme of things...
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    Morrissey Owes Us Nothing

    Re: Morrissey Owes Us Nothing. I've been 'visiting' this site for years but only just recently registered and actually started reading the threads/discussions/character assassinations (not only of Morrissey but also of frequent/prolific members/commenter's.) So I agree with Fiona's overall...
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    Morrissey's Zagreb Rider - Croatia Week and Več

    -Tentatively approaching the keyboard due to the utter nutbaggery on this thread/site. Thanks for the above post, I grew up on a dairy farm in Ireland, and concur with the above. It's been a long time since it was a working farm, but my Dad was enormously affectionate toward our herd and each...
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    Alternative Christmas Speech -

    Posted on True to You earlier today - Oh How I wish Morrissey had agreed to this!! Alternative Christmas Speech - 8 December 2014 Morrissey has politely declined an invitation from Channel 4 Television to deliver an Alternative Christmas Day Speech which would be transmitted at...
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