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    TTY: Morrissey show in Manchester (Aug. 20, 2016; on sale Fri.)

    See you there then, Brumster. You can buy me a lager if you want. It's great that you're so excited!!!!!!!!!!
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    TTY: All The Fun Of The Circus

    He never really had his marbles anyway, so I don't know why you're all surprised. I think he's wonderful - I always have and will continue to - but he's always been bonkers.
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    "How The Smiths Pioneered Normcore" - GQ

    This is an incredibly annoying article - because, really, 'normcore'? shut the f*** up - however I do like this paragraph. "What the Smiths achieved in a little over five years is incredible: Their catalog is crammed with astonishing songs (and very, very few duds) and while their records...
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    TTY: Rugby Match - "This Charming Man" played in Manchester

    You've never banged with Morrissey on in the background? Mate, you've not lived.
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    Marr, 8th Oct 2015: "It's a shame The Smiths aren't on better terms (with each other)"

    I always think it must be hugely weird for Johnny Marr and Morrissey being asked this question 90x a day. I know being in a hugely successful band who literally changed the lives of millions of fans (certainly Morrissey/The Smiths have changed my life) must be an incomparable experience but...
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    Marr, 8th Oct 2015: "It's a shame The Smiths aren't on better terms (with each other)"

    I really want to read Johnny's autobiography. I NEED to hear his side of the story.
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    Morrissey on "Alan Carr: Chatty Man" (Oct. 2, 2015) - reminder / reports

    We will, of course, all be on the edge of our sofas waiting for whatever inane bullshit you dream up next.
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    "List of the Lost" review in The Times

    I've been going through some mad depression lately, and I really loved the paragraph that read '"It's very hard to accept your powers are limited' she later explained to Harri, and the sun struck at a certain angle like a hint from nature that there would certainly be another tomorrow, and that...
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    "List of the Lost" review in The Daily Mail

    Honestly though, Letts is an absolutely awful person. I don't know why you want to defend him. He IS a wanker.
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    'List of the Lost' review at The Quietus; Digested read / illustration at The Guardian

    i think the only reason I like the damn thing is because of the annoying way every character is blatantly Morrissey, because I like Morrissey so much. The fact I'd be able to pick this book out of a line up as being written by Morrissey is the one thing that saves it.
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    "List of the Lost" reviews in The Telegraph, The Independent; media mentions

    I absolutely LOVE Morrissey, and I'd ride him in a shot, but christ, that's a really horrible image that I wish I didn't have in my brain. Thanks, NME, you absolute bastards.
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    "List of the Lost" review in NME; media mentions

    This is how I feel. Morrissey has written some absolutely beautiful things over the last 30 years, and even before that, his teenage pen pal letters made me laugh out loud. He IS a talented writer. What on earth is happening?
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    Thank you, you are very kind.

    Thank you, you are very kind.
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    Article: "List of the Lost" reviews in The Guardian (#2), Emily ReyNOlds; TTY UK bookshop photo; med

    Have you all seen this? - I got on the bus into Central London this evening after work to buy List of the Lost and I read this, and I had to close the page several times because I was at risk of...
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    "List of the Lost" reviews in The Guardian, The Daily Beast

    I actually really like it as well. And I'm never calling my vagina anything other than my 'otherwise central zone' ever again.
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    "List of the Lost" physical copy picture posted by @ariel_mcdowall / Twitter

    If Morrissey's novel is anywhere near as funny as that Guardian review makes it out to be it'll be well worth the read. Going to grab a copy tonight after work. Oh I can't wait!
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    "List of the Lost" physical copy picture posted by @ariel_mcdowall / Twitter

    Given that the first paragraph of Autobiography was four and a half pages long, I'm interested to see how this is going to pan out at a meagre 118 pages or whatever it is. I know I'll love it, because I love pretty much everything Morrissey does, despite how bonkers he's become in his old...
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    London, England - Eventim Apollo (Sep. 21, 2015) post-show

    I had an absolute blast - now my heart is full! Absolutely perfect. Going to bed delighted ! The pleasure the privilege was mine, thank you morrissey.
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    TTY: Ecuador date forthcoming

    Really small gigs are absolutely fantastic, although I know every one here seems to think it is a sign of Morrissey's declining fan base when he plays anywhere that isn't a vast arena. One of the best gigs I ever went to was The Magnetic Fields in a tiny venue in Manchester, and it was...
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