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    What time is show time?

    9 - support on at 8
  2. K

    Great Yarmoth

    Definately a great gig - worth queuing in the cold sea breeze for a great seat - I did hear that some people had been queueing since 6 am - you deserve a medal:). Same set list from other gigs except we got the added bonus of Death of a Disco dancer and Ask (which I think appeared at Glasgow)...
  3. K

    Great Yarmoth

    yes just phoned the venue and its on.
  4. K

    Average age of Moz gig-goers

    I'm going to hide as I am over 40 and loved The Smiths and obviously followed Morrissey along.
  5. K

    Great Yarmouth Unreserved Seats??

    Me too just waiting for final confirmation cannot wait. xx
  6. K

    Great Yarmouth Unreserved Seats??

    It doesnt have many shows either!! I reckon speed boat could be an option to get Morrissey to and from the venue. xx
  7. K

    Orange pre-sale

    Well I have two phones with orange and internet and never got any message about the reserve for this. Although this scheme is ending on 16 December - please see this email I got two days ago - don't panic tickets are still okay. ********************* We’re writing to let you know that...
  8. K

    Orange pre-sale

    No my venue vanished as well after I placed an order but if you get an email you should be okay - just make sure you pay by midnight tomorrow.
  9. K

    Orange pre-sale

    Thanks for the posting the link too. This is what I like about this forum - everyone helps everyone get tickets.... Good luck with the scrum tomorrow...... xxx
  10. K

    Orange pre-sale

    Just keep refreshing it was saying that for cambridge but then it popped up.
  11. K

    Orange pre-sale

    Thanks for the tip off - have two orange phones and an internet account with them!! Just managed to reserve tickets for Cambridge - asking a silly question but do I just go in and buy them tomorrow and thats it!!! - It seems too simple - now for the general scrum tomorrow too. Thanks for...
  12. K

    Scotland Ticketmaster presale Dec 11, password?

    Re: Presale(tomorrow)- password Ticketmaster? blimey heck its all too much isnt it. Never had this problems in the earlys :( lol computers have a lot to be blamed for and a lot to celebrate too. xx
  13. K

    Northern Ireland + Scotland dates

    Well I am still on the hunt for a presales link to the South English dates - which I assume either there is any or I'm not in with the in crowd. Good luck with getting tickets today everyone x
  14. K

    From Cambridge to Hull?

    Driving would be the best option - but then I would go for trains.
  15. K

    Full UK tour dates

    I wouldn't worry sometimes its the manager dealing with the promoter and the box office staff get to know about it later. Probably better if you have all us lot phoning up every day begging them for tickets :D
  16. K

    Scotland Ticketmaster presale Dec 11, password?

    Re: Presale(tomorrow)- password Ticketmaster? So no presale code for English =- ahhh what a shame - pm me if anyone finds one and I will gratefully appreciated it. xxx
  17. K

    Full UK tour dates

    I still cannot believe he is playing great yarmouth - so close to me . Any pre sales codes - please print - I'm on the search now too. xxx
  18. K

    Roundhouse recently. Did anyone invade the stage?

    The guy who got on stage - came from the side - he jumped over the barrier passed the security and sauntered on stage!! The security just watched him - he got a cheer from all of us.
  19. K

    Official Tour Merchandise Thread

    Just be careful you buy the right size at the official merch - I saw a guy who had brought a tshirt and wanted to exchange as he had brought the wrong size be refused. Such a shame as he had come all the way from the usa.
  20. K

    Mozzer's throat, will it stand up to 6 nights

    someone chuck a box of fisherman friends of stage - it might help. He did sound okay to me though!!! last night.
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