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  1. This charming man.

    Atlanta Show - 6/4 - CANCELED

    Hahaha, thanks for the Thursday morning giggle.
  2. This charming man.

    Atlanta Show - 6/4 - CANCELED

    He needs a good steak down his Gregory. Vegans are always getting sick.
  3. This charming man.

    Curious discrepancies between the Penguin UK/Putnam US editions of Autobiography

    Just started reading it and how dare he say "it was always mother and never the ghastly Manchester 'mam'. Snobbish prick has forgotten his roots. Although he purports to be Mancunian he was actually born outside of Manchester. Otherwise a very witty and poetic read.
  4. This charming man.

    Peter Hook talks about The Smiths and Morrissey

    What a load of cack. Another example of Hooky's ever increasing ego. Sumner a better guitarist than Marr. :rolleyes:
  5. This charming man.

    Today's NME debate the best 20 Smiths' b-sides. They only list no's 11 to 20 online. What would your top ten be? I'll have to have a think before I post my list. :guitar:
  6. This charming man.

    Dope? doing drugs

    Must admit I have a fondness for ketamine once in a blue moon, especially when the pharmaceutical grade is available OTC in most chemists in India. ;)
  7. This charming man.

    Comments like these by Morrissey

    Fighting the giggles followed by the frown right at the end of the interview piece.
  8. This charming man.

    Comments like these by Morrissey

    Yes, with the inevitable frown just before the interviews cuts. Will have a search for you. I already am, Crystal.:D Unusual for an independent band although money, and lots of it, being the main objective rather than obsessed with hit records.
  9. This charming man.

    Dope? doing drugs

    Don't do smack and don't smoke crack. Others? Fine in moderation with harm reduction education...
  10. This charming man.

    Comments like these by Morrissey

    No wonder J.M. had had enough in 1987. Love J.M.'s frown when Morrissey speaks glibly about The Doors. ngIQEeHpWPE&feature=related
  11. This charming man.

    this site is so hypocrtical

    Can't disagree with this. Actually I'm going to blast it before bed. Goodnight y'all.
  12. This charming man.

    Best cover ever

    Precisely, my friend. Excellent version and great to see her happy and emotional. Two traits sadly missing by many people. Thanks, Scarlet. :)
  13. This charming man.

    have you guys seen these pics?

    I met an American Mexican girl here in Thailand last night. She's teaching English at a university over here. I hope we can become closer. We had a really good chat...:horny:
  14. This charming man.

    Moz tattoo

    Or maybe "Does the Body Rule The Mind Or Does The Mind Rule The Body, I Don't Know"? I think I'll put a plethora of Morrissey lyrics and pull them out of a hat, lol.
  15. This charming man.

    Moz tattoo

    Or maybe "My Faith In Love Is Still Devout" from Rusholme Ruffians.. Jeez, this is difficult. :(
  16. This charming man.

    Moz tattoo

    Re: Moz tatoo Ha, I understand. I just saw an "Irish Blood English Heart" tattoo on google images, so as it's apt for myself I think I've made my choice. Thanks for your input. :)
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