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    It's Poetry Darlings

    Re: It's Poetry Darlings!! Okay, I need to create now. I'm going to do some stream of consciousness. Performance art. type thing. (literally) *cracks fingers* I wandered lonely as a twerp that wanders on the internet, oh me, oh my, I didn't know, which way to go. I met a person...
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    It's Poetry Darlings

    Re: It's Poetry Darlings!! This also is fabulous. Reminds me of Emily Dickinson.
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    It's Poetry Darlings

    Re: It's Poetry Darlings!! Did you write this? This is fabulous.
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    Morrissey Dreams

    Blimey, I've just realised what my dream meant! (It's so weird the way you can interpret dreams, sometimes, but it's much harder to interpret your own, and it was only when I saw this appear on the thread that I understood what it was about.)
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    Morrissey Dreams

    About a month ago I dreamed that I had to buy a bus ticket for Morrissey and myself. It was a classic anxiety dream, (which for me very often involves public transport). I didn't have any money on me, obviously. Morrissey was standing at my left shoulder and I was trying to figure out how I...
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    Is it time for Morrissey to retire?

    You can only retire if you have a job. I don't personally think being Morrissey is a job. I don't personally think that concept exists for some people. All you could get would be a decision not to perform live any more. A person can always change their mind about that. Or a decision not to...
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    "Fag," and double standards

    I am deeply offended by your punctuation.
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    I like! :)
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    Anti-Morrissey Immunisation

    Indeed. It's more of a compliment.
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    What would it be like...?

    if... songs were altered by the passing of time and the singer was not? Kind of like Dorian Gray. Since Mozzer is aging so gracefully, maybe there is a stash of tracks in his attic such as... I Didn't Get the One I Wanted and Franky It's Just as Well. or That Joke is Starting to...
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    Booky Wook 2

    Ooh, harsh! :)
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    Happy Birthday CrystalGeezer

    Re: Happy Birthday Crystal Geezer One two three four... Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear CrystalGeezerrrrrrrr... happy birthday to you!
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    The God Squad- Religion obsessives and philosophical types unite!

    1. Secular Humanism (100%) 2. Unitarian Universalism (97%) 3. Liberal Quakers (84%) 4. Neo-Pagan (77%) 5. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (70%) 6. Nontheist (70%) 7. Theravada Buddhism (69%) 8. New Age (69%) 9. Reform Judaism (59%) 10. Taoism (59%) 11. Mahayana...
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    Morrissey cancelled all forthcoming interviews

    Re: OMG, Morrissey cancelled all forthcoming interviews The thing is, we know so little. Do we know that he made this bed but wouldn't lie in it? All we know is that the bed was made, by someone - perhaps that person only got a vague agreement from Morrissey in the first place. pehaps someone...
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    Morrissey Hair Thread

    Re: Morrissey hair help I think a hairdresser at present will tend to send the hair up straight or even up and backwards, in line with current style, but for a true "young Morrissey" quiff it needs to go up and forwards a bit.
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    Everyday Is Like Sunday - midweek chart position

    You can't expect to get airplay when you have killed the blessed DJ.
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