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    Author Lars Iyer extols roles of Morrissey & co. for Manchester culture in My Weil playlist for The Quietus (September 2, 2023)

    and goes on to include: 'As we were spineless about singing we once auditioned a bunch of hopefuls, including a certain Steve Morrissey, who we thought a bit too glum for the likes of us.'
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    Morrissey Central "DID YOU EVER THINK YOU’D SEE THIS DAY ?" (January 28, 2020)

    I think they are trying their best not to cross-contaminate these so they can advertise them as vegan, they don't offer them with chips as a meal (the chips are cooked in animal fat or in vegetable oil with chicken stuff). Whether all the staff in all the stores follow that to the letter with...
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    Johnny Marr tweets response to Smiths reunion rumours

    Has anyone contacted Nigel Farage to see if he will confirm or deny the rumours he's playing guitar on The Smiths reunion tour?
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    "My minor role in Morrissey’s latest outburst" by Joshua Surtees - The Guardian

    Joshua says, "the T-shirt does feel like it was aimed at me." Interesting piece reported on the BBC website about how narcissists are less stressed and happy:
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    Mporium UK: new T-shirt additions (11 September, 2019)

    Agreed. As would the Pat Phoenix one (I know it's not obscuring the image, just think it'd be a better shirt if it was just the photo)
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    Shaun Duggan with Morrissey letter and photos- Segment in The People’s History of LGBTQ Britain

    Not sure if this is a complete list, but his TV writing credits are on IMDB:
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    "How to treat Morrissey? Stop listening to him" by Stewart Lee - The Guardian

    Did Morrissey ever make a statement about Paull Nutall of the ukips?
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    Stoke-on-Trent - Victoria Hall (July 5, 2011) post-show

    Good idea, I missed a ticket for Leeds due to getting one digit wrong on my card's expiry date - transaction declined, matter of seconds to correct it but then got no tickets available...
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    "The Royal Family are benefit scroungers" - BBC Radio interview excerpts

    Round 'em up, put 'em in a field, and... well, you know the rest...
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    Royal Albert Hall 27.10.2009

    Thanks for this, much appreciated.
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    Leeds pre gig meet up

    Free parking at the University of Leeds after 4.30PM folks - "Evening and Weekend Parking The car parks are accessed by permit from 7.00am to 4.30pm Monday-Friday. Access is not controlled at other times. Out-of-hours entry must be made through the Woodhouse Lane entrance. " See...
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    The Smiths and Beyond photo book & some cassettes

    Hello all, I have put my copy of "The Smiths and Beyond" (the book of Kevin Cummins' photos) on ebay. Also a batch of morrissey cassette singles. End on Sunday night. Cheers, Dave PS I am also...
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    Smiths There Is A Light... and some Morrissey CD singles

    Hi, I've got both CDs of the There Is A Light... 92 wea re-issue and various Morrissey CD singles on ebay: We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful (UK and US releases) Ouija Board, Ouija Board Sing Your...
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    Just Say Yo 2, HMV Singles Tape, JPN Interesting Drug & other CD singles

    Hello, I have a number of items on ebay at the moment: A couple of compilations that may be of interest to completists/collectors: Just Say Yo Volume 2 (US Sire compilation CD) - features Will Never Marry: HMV Singles...
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    Strangeways & Bona Drag Vinyl (and some Morrissey 12 inches...)

    Hello, Strangeways, Here We Come: Bona Drag: The rest: Interesting Drug (and ltd edition etched disc), Everyday is like sunday, last of the...
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    Queen Is Dead, Rank + other UK LPs & 12" singles

    Hello, The Queen Is Dead: Rank: UK 12" records: That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore, Bigmouth...
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    Shakespeare's Sister 12" & a few more imports...

    Hi, Shakespeare's Sister UK 12" Ask - German 12" Queen Is Dead - Portugese...
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