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  1. Lavsan

    Brett Anderson memoir

    The audiobook will be read aloud by the author. And the "UK book tour" is planned for March.
  2. Lavsan

    Brett Anderson

    I can't believe this incredible person is 50 now. And next Suede's album is coming.
  3. Lavsan

    Sugar Land, TX - Smart Financial Centre (Apr. 14, 2017) post-show

    Thanks a lot for video, especially for streaming, and reviews. He looks fantastic and surely still good at singing (and at unsettling us).
  4. Lavsan

    Houston, TX concert still on, venue changed and upgrades available - email

    To sleep only 4 hours on the other side of the Atlantic and wake up at 6:30 a.m. only for discovering that you've overslept everything but anyway M. was alive and singing last night – weird but priceless.
  5. Lavsan

    Houston, TX concert still on, venue changed and upgrades available - email

    Wish a great night to everyone who's going to attend the show, looking forward to some video - I really want to be sure that M. is OK and his voice recuperated.
  6. Lavsan

    TTY: Morrissey 2016 - Apr. 2016 shows, negotiations being finalized (Asia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela)

    And Baltic states either. Ukraine, Belarus - never at all. Asia is still unreachable for me. Como mi querida América Latina. But it's nice to know that M goes on touring. Anyway, everyone who's going to see the show - have a good time! =)
  7. Lavsan

    Calling all Suede fans

    Tonight Suede will play live session on BBC Radio 2. Songs from new album and some old good things are expected =) It can be listening online from 8 p.m.: Or during a month after the air date: (from 01:07)...
  8. Lavsan

    David Bowie dies at 69

    I didn't expect that it would touch me so deeply. Although Bowie has never been my favorite artist, I'm very close to crying while I type this. I love and respect him more than I can ever imagine possible. I think Moz should say something...
  9. Lavsan

    Lima - Parque de la Exposición (Dec. 19, 2015) post-show

    ¡Increíble! Le adoro por momentos como este. ¡Qué suerte tienes, Lima!
  10. Lavsan

    Hello, im very new to the site

    Re: Hello, im very new to the site.. Hello, nice to meet you. Tea, coffee, vodka? Or maybe a dance? =)
  11. Lavsan

    @morrissey59 / Instagram - "The Official account, updated and managed by Morrissey"

    Re: Instagram account - "The Official account, updated and managed by Morrissey" 5 following, only 4 is visible: Nancy Sinatra, Damon de Backer (Belgian photographer who made 5 of 11 "Moz's" account pics), someone with private profile (h2k3k) and -- surprise! -- James Dean (as it's noticed...
  12. Lavsan

    Budapest - Millenás Teáum (Oct. 12, 2015) post-show

    "Budapest, Budapest... will be you my guests?" =) Never go to Buda for the first time without a map, do not be me) Although I'm a shy person I had to ask the way 4 times and to discover that Budapest's people are very friendly and helpful. I spent about an hour to find Millenaris. And then we...
  13. Lavsan

    Calling all Suede fans

    Another great song from the upcoming album. Can't wait to hear it live =)
  14. Lavsan

    Morrissey on "Larry King Now" (Aug. 17, 2015 - airdate Aug. 19, 2015) - reminder/reports

    When Moz took his shoe off, I thought he was going to show Kuzma's mother to Larry or to all n0n-vegans :D the same beautiful liar as always, sometimes I were losing the train of thought because of "my gosh, his eyes are incredibly blue". The interview looks interrupted and unfinished but...
  15. Lavsan

    A tour song request - we can but dream

    Re: A Tour Song Request... We Can But Dream. Art-Hounds is a very good choice. It's not my favorite but I really like this song (as — I believe — a lot of fans do). Personally I prefer Let me kiss you an You have killed me 'cause they're my all-time favorites and I've never heard them live. I...
  16. Lavsan

    TTY: Morrissey Europe and South America

    Thanks a lot =) aaand finally 12 points goes to... Hungary! Budapest, see you soon ;)
  17. Lavsan

    TTY: Morrissey Europe and South America

    I'm not a European in this case: there are no cheap flights from my country. I don't think that it's a good idea to go with 2 transfers and spend more than 24 hours only to get to Skopje (it could be thought that I'm going to Australia). I'm not very rich and brave, I can't do it even for Moz...
  18. Lavsan

    TTY: 4 European Morrissey planned for October (Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia)

    Incredible! I wish I could attend all four, nice reason to see beautiful cities (and mr M of course). But... *wringing hands* Dear God, help me to find a good job with flexible hours. Visiting at least one of the venues will be a huge success for me. Unfortunately Skopje is a very difficult...
  19. Lavsan

    Is Moz such a nice person?

    I think he's better than he wants to seem. Really good, but not a goody. I believe he's just a person who likes playing games and roles too. Kinda modern Hamlet. Existence is only a game, you know ;)
  20. Lavsan

    TTY: September UK dates (Hull Sep. 18, London Sep. 20 and 21)

    Re: TTY: September UK Dates Not only he. And not only in London. Sad news for a person recently fired who will never get a UK visa. But it gives a little hope for an autumn European tour...
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