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  1. iamkali62

    Question About Moz Lyrics- help!

    That was one of my first thoughts too. I guess I'll never know unless I meet The Man. :)
  2. iamkali62

    how much would you pay for a bong

    Thanks guys, now *I* want one too! They're damned good. :D
  3. iamkali62

    how much would you pay for a bong

    No more than $30.00 - if it's a quality bong.
  4. iamkali62

    Word Association Game

  5. iamkali62

    Question About Moz Lyrics- help!

    mick, that's the explanation I was looking for.Thanks! :)
  6. iamkali62

    Word Association Game

    athletic supporter
  7. iamkali62

    Word Association Game

    Stockings (doh!) :D
  8. iamkali62

    why is everyone getting banned?

    ZOMG! You KNOW. Belligerent Ghoul.
  9. iamkali62

    Which Morrissey's favourite bands/artist you least like?

    Oh, you forgot Patti Smith. I dislike her music, it just wasn't my thing. The New York Dolls were/are terrible, and I bought, "Kimono To My House" by the Sparks and have only listened to it once. (wait, you forgot Nico too) When I bought, "Influences" I was excited to hear what the great man...
  10. iamkali62

    why is everyone getting banned?

    It's because BG supposedly brings in the most Mozzer news. I've messaged Kewpie and sometimes she's nice, but she can be cutting. I'm just beginning to understand why you and others are anti Kewpie. Mea Culpa.
  11. iamkali62

    Question About Moz Lyrics- help!

    I don't know if anyone knows the answer to this but it's been bugging me. It's on "I'll Never Be Anyone's Hero Now"- the line is - "and my love is under the ground, my one true love is under the ground.." Does anyone know who he might be referring to? Thanks.:)
  12. iamkali62

    why is everyone getting banned?

    I believe that's called, discrimmation? (sic) Clear this up for me. Is Kewpie male or female? Last weekend in chat GU and I got on famously. Why can't they ban trolls like BG or Laura Wong? I emailed David this giant missive about this and he still has not responded. Neither has Kewpie. I think...
  13. iamkali62

    Done anything of note this week?

    I am SO envious of you! But I'm reallly happy for you! Where are you originally from? I have a friend who says it's so difficult for Americans to get jobs there-so I don't know what to think. But I am really happy for you. :guitar:
  14. iamkali62

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Those are cool! You definitely have an artistic flair!
  15. iamkali62

    Idiotic forum members with humongous signatures...

    Well, as most of you know, I am an epileptic, and I'm glad you guys helped the guy having a seizure. 1. Roll them on their side so they don't choke. 2. DO NOT put your fingers anywhere near their mouth or you will lose them! I usually have a one minute *aura* a feeling that it's going to happen...
  16. iamkali62

    Edinburgh, England pics

    Cool pic! I love the scarf around the dog. Grim, you must have a plethora of t shirts with something on them! I'm gonna get that one shirt from Mozzergrrl. :)
  17. iamkali62

    X mas thread

    Hell no. As I grow older, I dislike Christmas more and more. It's all about Norman Rockwell scenes at the dinner table, when the husband is carving the turkey,and all of the commercials are frantically trying to sell you something. The only thing I like about Christmastime is the weather. Bah...
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