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  1. Lorimoz

    Morrissey mention in the Metro (May 27, 2011)

    A small article by Keith Barker-Main was in the London Metro today (May 27).
  2. Lorimoz

    New Moz release on HMV online store

    There is nothing inside, just the faded version of the album covers in pink :)
  3. Lorimoz

    SLC/HAWT Fundraising Totals (Thank You!)

    Thank you all and enjoy 2011 with Mini Moz and his adventures ♥
  4. Lorimoz

    Knitted Morrissey Calendar

    Once again, THANKS for all your generosity. May the calendars bring a smile on your face from your desk, next year. We hope it will bring smiles to the animals in Hull and the kids in Salford,too. :)
  5. Lorimoz

    Knitted Morrissey Calendar

    A personal, BIG Thank You to Kate from me. She has put so much hard work into this project. She has ordered, packed and posted all the calendars. They should have given her a reward card at the Post Office for all the business she brought in the last two weeks. :D I hope you will all enjoy...
  6. Lorimoz

    Knitted Morrissey Calendar

    Thank you to Diane, Quiffaa and other for kind words. Kate has done most of the work so a BIG THANK YOU to her and all of you for helping us raising money for two charities. :)
  7. Lorimoz

    Knitted Morrissey Calendar

    Kate meant to type FaceBook group, not MS. ;) If you a member, please pm me there to confirm your order/quantity (if you haven't done so already). Thank you. :D
  8. Lorimoz

    Knitted Morrissey Calendar

    Feeling like Nick Knowles on "Who Dares Wins" (UK game show) "It's on the list". ;)
  9. Lorimoz

    Knitted Morrissey Calendar

    We will post again with more details about orders, P+P, payment method as soon as we are ready. Please, keep checking this thread. :) x
  10. Lorimoz

    Knitted Morrissey Calendar

    Thank you all for the big interest shown here and on the FB group. :) Kate and I are finalising the shots to use and will be placing our order with the printers soon. Just reminding you that we will order ONLY 50 copies so, as soon as we announce the final price, please place your order...
  11. Lorimoz

    Record Collector Nov 2009 - Morrissey Top 50

    I have tried uploading the article in sections, but they are still small ( and I have resized them). Sorry :( I am sure Peter will do a marvellous job. :D
  12. Lorimoz

    Record Collector Nov 2009 - Morrissey Top 50

    Just testing the first scanned page but I am pretty sure it will be rather small:
  13. Lorimoz

    Record Collector Nov 2009 - Morrissey Top 50

    :D This issue is well overdue. I sent RC an email in 2006 and I was told "Morrissey will be featured next year". LOL So thrilled. Thanks for the good news.:thumb:
  14. Lorimoz

    In the tabloid today

    Anybody else posted about this ?? ....So we would imagine that Morrissey won’t be best pleased to hear that Ticketmaster has included a coupon for a free hamburger at American restaurant chain Denny’s with each ticket for his gig in Los Angeles..... Read it here...
  15. Lorimoz

    Thanks for the request. Viva Moz x x x

    Thanks for the request. Viva Moz x x x
  16. Lorimoz

    Goddard story [Alain/Boz]

    I might be wrong but Alain's birthday is on July 3rd. Most likely BOZ was referring to the birthday wishes :confused: being posted late.
  17. Lorimoz

    'Black Cloud' single sleeve design contest FINAL

    Thanks to the people who voted for my entry. Much appreciated. :)
  18. Lorimoz

    Another unofficial dvd ??

    Did anybody else receive an email re this dvd ? :blushing: :confused: Surely another unofficial release that we will undoubtfully buy ....
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