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    Sold:1 x Balcony ticket for Antwerp

    I have 1 ticket for row B in the balcony for Antwerp for sale. Looking for £85 - face value is 125 Euro. It is an electronic ticket so I will email it to you after payment.
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    Vegas Shows in jeopardy (actually not)

    $20 dollar tickets are going to be available from tomorrow
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    Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary rescheduled to Oct. due to "medical emergency" - Ticketmaster

    The post on Facebook is odd because it doesn't mention the shows between Vancouver and Toronto.
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    Morrissey and Marr photo book and poster by Colin Howe - very limited edition at Salford Lads Club

    Re: Morrissey and Marr photo book - very limited edition Thanks Uncleskinny for the heads up, just got one too.
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    Barcelona - Razzmatazz (Apr. 29, 2015) post-show

    The girl who was holding the rose was next to me. She held it up high for a while until half of the petals fell off and then the security guard told her to keep it down low. He never took it.
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    Morrissey UK shows in March 2015; on sale Jan. 16

    Unfortunately it's not a code for Glasgow. If you are an SSE electricity customer you have to log into your account and buy tickets from there.
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    what is up with front row seating

    If Morrissey wants certain people up front they should be given the tickets and the seats should not be put up for sale. I can't believe the venue is allowed to sell a front row seat that has someone standing in front of it. I would have thought that would have constituted mis-selling unless...
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    2013 albums, what do you like so far?

    The National - Trouble will find me. Have been listening non stop for over a week, it's overwhelmed me, in a good way.
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    Name a song that plays and you think "Damn that's a beautiful song"

    The National - "Slipped" off the new album "Trouble will find me" .
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    Set list there one?

    Re: Set list Morrissey's setlist from Vegas
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    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    My Morning Jacket next Wednesday in Glasgow.
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    tell us about the last Film you saw

    Re: tell us about the last Film you saw. In the past couple of weeks I've seen The Guard with Brendan Gleeson, Super 8 and Win,Win with Paul Giammati. Super 8 was a bit naff, but the other 2 were great.
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    I searched for 1 1/2 hours on Wednesday and they blocked me. If you type in "ticketmaster 403 error" into google you will see all the discussion about it. It is all over boards and twitter. Apparently they think you are a scalper, even though you are logged in and can see your buying history...
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    You will be unblocked in 24 hours. This happened to me on Wednesday for the presale, if you search too many times it will block you. Ticketmaster have a facebook page and they were telling people to email them at customer services. You could try from your phone or a friends because it's your...
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    I've had over 30 different single orchestra seats come up, best was row 10.
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    US Moz Tour Tix will go on sale 9/9/11... Moz to appear on two US tv shows.

    Re: Article: US Moz Tour Tix will go on sale 9/9/11... Moz to appear on two US tv sho The George Lopez show was cancelled on the 11th of August. Unless Morrissey can time travel I don't think it will be this show.
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    Young the giant

    They are playing at the MTV Music Awards that is being held tonight somewhere in America.
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    morrissey frink thread!

    London Palladium taken by me :-)
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    Palladium Royal Circle Row B ticket for sale less then cost

    As above Row B in the first balcony £37 including recorded delivery as it's no longer needed.
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