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    Signed List of Lost for sale

    Looking to sell this. I acquired this at his San Diego show several years ago. Comes with a shirt (worn but clean) and a poster (unrolled since night of purchase). Message me with an offer. Thanks
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    Morrissey after party in San Diego

    Hey all, a few of us will be DJing an after party in San Diego this Satruday after the concert in San Diego. See facebook link below. The bar is only a couple of blocks from the venue and is FREE!! Date: Nov 10th Time: Right after the Morrissey show Location: Chee Chee Club 929 Broadway San...
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    Ticket for Irvine Nov 9th show

    Hi all, I have an extra ticket available for the Nov 9th Irvine show. Face value plus postage. Or if you are around San Diego we can meet in person. Send me a PM if interested. thanks! David
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    Ride tickets for Pomona

    Anybody interested in seeing Ride at the Fox Theater in Pomona? I have two tickets but unfortunately can't go so am looking to sell them at face value. They are balcony seats. $91 for both or $45.50 each. I don't mind splitting them. These are e-tickets so I could simply forward you the...
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Most recent: Rank Japan 12", Meat is Murder Japan 12". Hatful of Hollow Japan 12", and Hand in Glove Sandie Shaw UK 12" promo.
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    your moz concertography

    Using the tour forum here, these are the dates. I wish I kept ticket stubs. 10/10/1997 San Diego, CA - Hospitality Point 10/6/1999 Santa Barbara, CA - Arlington Theatre 10/7/1999 Las Vegas, NV - House Of Blues (Cancelled) 10/9/1999 Indio, CA - Coachella Festival 12/14/1999 San Diego, CA - Cox...
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    What album are you listening to right now?

    James The Night Before EP. Gonna catch them next week in SD. Sorry for the low res pic.
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    The Smiths-Complete Super Deluxe Collectors Box?

    I couldn't resist either, I got mine a last week. I got 1591. What other numbers are out there? Anybody get any low numbered boxes?
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    R.E.M. has broken up

    I completely agree. Monster was their last album in my opinion, and that's pushing it. Although, their best years were always the IRS years. Green was great and Out of time was really good. But I slowly started losing interest in them after that. Monster was the last album I acutally purcahsed...
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    If you've got "Kit", I've got something really rare to trade

    I remember seeing Boz perform this song and he told the story that he asked Moz if it was ok to perform the song and Moz said he didn't even have a copy of it. HAHA, not sure if it was a true story but kind of funny. It's so rare, that Moz doesn't even have a copy of it.
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    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    speaking of unreleased or "pulled" DVD's. Whatever happened to South With Morrissey? Was that ever leaked? I remember seeing a trailer for it way back when but supposedly Morrissey decided he didn't want it released.
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    seam splits on 12" covers

    How do you prevent splits in the seams on 12"/7" covers? Do you store the actual record outside of the cover (but still in the plastic sleeve)? thanks in advance...
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    There's A Light French 7"

    fair enough on the value. Like I said, I was just using popsike as a means to get an idea. As far as what I am looking for? I wouldn't mind getting a hold of the " No one can hold a candle" promo. but, just PM me with what you would be willing to trade. thanks
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    There's A Light French 7"

    I finished going through my collection and realized that I had collected 2 copies of the French There's a Light 7" I went through the first 7 pages of popsike and see that on average it has been going for around 250GBP. I don't want to sell my 2nd copy but am willing to trade for...
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    Morrissey sheet music info

    Still unpacking and I haven't come across my Louder Than Bombs or Viva Hate books yet but I came across these two.
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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    Several years ago I almost sold my collection but I didn't. Now I don't think I can part with anything. It's been in storage for so long, I am unpacking it and cataloging what I have. Here are some VHS videos I have. The Sing Your Life video is wrapped in a plastic bag so it looks kind of...
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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    Finally started going through my collection. Here are just a few pics of some promos: 1st pic is the interesting drug etched vinyl. One on the left is the special promo for Morrissey's 29th b-day, middle is the regular released etch, and the last one is a TP of etched, no music on the record...
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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    thanks for the advice!
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