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    Happy Birthday MadameChaos!!

    Thank you thank you. You're too kind.
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    Does Moz prefer men or women?

    I believe he's a chips man
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    What do people say about your Moz obsession?

    I only discuss my obsession with fellow Morrissey fans.
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    Henry Rollins on Moz...

    Rollins is a big fat meat head with a stupid bum chin Ha ha! I am only being ironic!!! Or am I?
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    Morrissey and band bares all (front this time) new pic

    :horny: I don't know if I'm being biased here but he clearly has the best body. :p
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    yeah I'm fine. Just super busy and don't get much time to go on here now unfortunately. You ok?

    yeah I'm fine. Just super busy and don't get much time to go on here now unfortunately. You ok?
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    Quarry - London - Saturday 24th January 2009

    Hey yeah good to see everyone! And meet some new fans. I had a really good night despite a couple of non-Moz fans who apparently wondered in off the street or something getting meet reet riled oop. Nevermind. Great job Mike!
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    Happy Birthday, EP Babe!

    happy birthday!!!!!
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    Quarry - London - Saturday 24th January 2009

    Where's everyone meeting for drinks beforehand? I don't think I can do Quarry due to an Important exam on sunday but would like to see everyone.
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    Please Read this before enter sub-forum: The Pigsty

    I read this forum at work, I like it because it's safe for work. If all the people who want to post NSFW material do so in a dedicated forum that suits me fine.
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    Bands/singers you knew before anyone else/and/or before they did got famous...

    I went to see The Mighty Boosh back in 2001 at Swansea University. Always knew they would make it big one day. *makes self satisfied face*
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    Troxy v Academy

    I would have liked to attend the troxy gig but the Seetickets system kept twunting up my order. TicketWeb however went through like a breeze so I'm going to the Brixton Academy gig on the 28th May.
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    Looks like Buzz Lightyear
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    Shit it to f***ery, can't get it to work. DELETE DELETE!
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    Can you see the pics?
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    I have stumbled across a phenomena hitherto unknown to me. Observe. There. Not quite a wasted friday afternoon at the office.
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    The Smyths - Saturday 6th December - PUTNEY

    I said I wasn't coming to this due to a prior engagement with the St John's Ambulance, however, I may come down later on in the evening. It's an 8 til late right? Where is it exactly?
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    New album cover

    I love it apart from the stick on tattoos. I want to see the outakes where the baby did a shit in its pants. *pulls bitter lemon disgust face and makes quiff with hand*
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