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  1. Misguided Angel

    ​B​radley Steyn -

    Does this website only operate in Bellevue? This is the most insane group of people online. Your idol has been slandered and accused of a serious crime and all you can respond to is how it relates to you! Are you still wondering why he hates this site? FYI Normal response: poor Morrissey, hope...
  2. Misguided Angel

    Morrissey statement on tour cancellation -

    I wouldn't want to work with her after this. A lot of things go on in music industry and you are supposed to keep it to yourself. It is not her tour and she was very lucky to even be a part of it.
  3. Misguided Angel

    Kristeen Young responds to Morrissey's tour cancellation TTY statement

    She does have talent, I enjoyed some of the songs. I wouldn't buy them or see her again. He has helped her out more than anyone. He took a chance with her and she should be more grateful. 10 years is a long time.
  4. Misguided Angel

    Kristeen Young is off the tour (updated)

    Kristeen Young does have talent. Not sure what happen between them but I think obviously she doesn't have his back. FB post was a wrong move not matter what. Time to both move on and have fun, Moz better for it.
  5. Misguided Angel

    Morrissey - "This story is old, I know, but it goes on..." - TTY

    I find it very odd how you jump at the chance to criticize EVERY word, probably will be in front of the stage at a concert too I suppose?
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