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  1. Sharron Needles

    Rockabilly, tattooed girls and Morrissey

    Er, I am sure that the fact that a few of Morrissey's band members have played in bands like the Polecats, Frantic Flinstones, The Nitros, etc., means that there is a connection in a way. Plus, I have a known a lot of people really into the scene over the last few decades have always genuinely...
  2. Sharron Needles

    Morri'Zine creator Nicole Garrison featured in Pop Candy / USA Today

    I still have most of these, along with the others like SYL, Darkened Underpass, etc. Interesting read as I thought she was kind of over it, because I remember when she was selling all of her Morrissey RIAA gold/platinum cert. records on Ebay years ago, for quite a hefty price. Anyways, they...
  3. Sharron Needles

    South American tour info (Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina)

    Monterrico? That's pretty close to Miraflores right? I have only ever stayed around there, and Barranco.
  4. Sharron Needles

    South American tour info (Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina)

    Er, no... I have been to Lima, Machu Picchu, and all of that. I mean where in Lima is the venue???
  5. Sharron Needles

    South American tour info (Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina)

    Hi. Where in Lima is that venue? Doubt I can make it then, but never heard of it.
  6. Sharron Needles

    When to arrive

    Depends where you are? If it is for a California show, between 6-7 am would usually do.
  7. Sharron Needles

    MOZ in Chicago - Whos going?

    So is the thing at Deliah's happening for sure, and is it okay? We went to the one five years ago, but I can't remember a thing about it.
  8. Sharron Needles

    L.A. Times archives: article from '91 about Pauley Pavilion concert and "riot"

    I was there too. I still have the original clippings from the LA Times
  9. Sharron Needles

    Do you like Soft Cell?

    By far, the best Soft Cell song:
  10. Sharron Needles

    MOZ in Chicago - Whos going?

    I think I'll go... I wish he would play the HOB again though.
  11. Sharron Needles

    Is the Pulp reunion turning out to be a big wasted opportunity?

    Speak for yourself. I still love hearing all of those songs. It's the comeback tour after a long hiatus, that has involved almost all festivals now. Do you really think that they are going to start throwing out stuff from It or Freaks at festivals after they have been away 10 years? I...
  12. Sharron Needles

    US Moz Tours Tix will go on sale 9/9/11... Moz to appear on two US tv shows.

    That day was horrible. And we queued all day for box office collection, but bitch shows up 15 mins after doors opened, and then proceeds to take another hour to get the tickets ready! The aftershow that night was fun though. Everyone was a train wreck at the end of the night.
  13. Sharron Needles

    Main page - ten US dates added to the tour

    Re: 10 US dates Ugh, The Wiltern? That is such an overrated venue. I personally think that if he was doing a 5 night thing, the Fonda is a way better venue, in a better part of town, etc. But also, The Greek Theater is great, as are the Long Beach Terrace Theater, the Ford Amphitheatre, etc.
  14. Sharron Needles

    Article: Ten US dates in November to be announced Monday; William Morris Agency representation - tru

    Re: Article: Ten US dates in November to be announced Monday; William Morris Agency r Funnily enough, whether this is true or not, I was just thinking the other day about how great it would be if he played the Greek again. One of the best venues of that size in N. America, albeit a bit at...
  15. Sharron Needles

    bowie/moz- cosmic dancer duet

    Never actually really noticed before, but the commentator is wrong because this duet didn't actually happen at Madison Square Garden in NY, it was at the LA Forum. Supposedly Tim Broad filmed the entire song, but who knows where that is now?
  16. Sharron Needles

    "Half a Person" bust candle

    I dunno. I think the plastered nipple adds a nice touch?
  17. Sharron Needles

    NME Letters page, 10th August

    I don't think that it could be the Robert Smith writing, because KFC doesn't offer free wireless yet, do they?
  18. Sharron Needles

    London - Palladium (Aug. 8, 2011) post-show

    I will just say that I thought that the gig was excellent! A perfect end to the tour, Pussy or whatever. The only complaint that I have is that they should have filled the huge moat between the stage and the audience with water, and then added some crocodiles, or perhaps Box Jellyfish, sea...
  19. Sharron Needles

    In other news, isn't Jarvis Cocker fabulous?

    And I didn't film this, but this is such a f***ING BRILLIANT VIDEO!
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