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  1. suave harv

    Years of Refusal signed LP

    She's put it on ebay.
  2. suave harv

    Years of Refusal signed LP

    My friend has a signed YOR LP from Brixton '09. It's got a crease top right due to the assistant shoving them in a backpack when he delivered them to the stall. Otherwise it's mint. Anyway, she wants to sell it, what do you reckon she'll get? And would you ebay it for the best results? Or is...
  3. suave harv

    Priority ticket / t-shirt bundles now on sale at Mporium

    I'm the same, and I agree with all your points. I've seen him many times over the last 29 (eeeK!) years, but I'm not a customer for the 'charge a mint and herd 'em like cattle' gigs. I'm hoping this tour is a one-off with the silly prices. Keep that shit for U2 and the like.
  4. suave harv

    Priority ticket / t-shirt bundles now on sale at Mporium

    When I saw The Smiths in Wolverhampton in October 1986, the ticket price was £4.50 for students with an NUS card. It's a bit sad to see him go Streisand with his prices. I'm sure when I last saw him (Stoke 2011) it was about £40 for everyone. I'm not buying this time round.
  5. suave harv

    Marr at the O2 Academy Oxford

    Took these last night I thought he was fantastic. I last saw him in October 1986. It had been too long, I'll not leave it so long next time.
  6. suave harv

    How great is Morrisseys musical contribution to his songs?

    Is a songwriter someone who sings their own words to their own made up tune, or someone who writes a complete piece, with chords/harmonies too? It seems to me that it's that that you're arguing about, rather than Moz's input.
  7. suave harv

    How great is Morrisseys musical contribution to his songs?

    I've always thought he added the melody line to the bed of chords (harmonies) submitted to him. Although this doesn't take any musical training, it certainly requires a massive dose of musicianship. Marr's chrords/songs/playing were particularly good. Lots of strange twists and turns...
  8. suave harv

    'Complete' CD box, exactly which masters are missing?

    Thanks. In my opinion, there are five essential* tracks missing from the Complete CD set. The Draize Train Work Is A Four Letter Word Jeanne Wonderful Woman I Keep Mine Hidden. Personally I'd include a sixth, the alternate vocal to Stretch Out And Wait. These are the six I've burned to...
  9. suave harv

    'Complete' CD box, exactly which masters are missing?

    That checklist is fantastic Stephane, it's just what I need. Until I get the box I won't know for definite, but it looks like there's at least four complete 'songs' missing from the box. Obviously, there are many different versions of loads of songs missing, but I was after a list of 'missing...
  10. suave harv

    'Complete' CD box, exactly which masters are missing?

    Hiya. I've looked all round for a list of the masters that are mising from the 'Complete' box, but can't find one. All the Amazon reviews just say "a few B sides". . . is there a definite list? I'm not so much thinking of remixes or alternate takes, just complete master recordings from...
  11. suave harv

    Birmingham meet up!

    Sounds good to me. Is there anywhere to go afterwards? I think one of the more recent Brum gig had a disco type thing going on after somewhere. . I dunno.
  12. suave harv

    For those who've heard it, how do you now rate Years of Refusal?

    I'm not 'on the ball' when it comes to Morrissey releases. I didn't get the singles, haven't checked out the live tracks, so this is like 12 new tunes to me. I listened to it last night for the first time, in the early hours. It's a lot better than I expected, but I didn't expect too much...
  13. suave harv

    birmingham show

    I was there in 2006 right at the back, (see photo) still had a great time. It's not the NEC, even the worst seats at the SH are better than three quarters of the NEC regarding distance from the stage. The sound at the Symphony Hall is superb. It'll be a great night, see you there!
  14. suave harv

    The Lowry, The Myth of the North Exhibition

    The Salford Lads Club is behind scaffold at the mo, I was there yesterday. There's a pic on my weblog 'ere.
  15. suave harv

    Christy Moore and Morrissey

    Julie (not Julia) came round last week with a Christy Moore CD, and on it is his cover of America Is Not The World. I never rated this song, but I do now, after hearing this popular Irish folk singer do it. What sounded like a bog-standard Moz 'moan' now sounds like a proper protest song. I...
  16. suave harv

    Mozzie's Fingies

    Elvis used to put band aids on his fingers on stage to stop people nicking his rings as he shook their hand. Dunno if this is why Moz does, just thought I'd mention it. Back to lurk mode. . .
  17. suave harv

    Funniest Moz Lyric

    Sponge and a rusty spanner/piana A smile lights up your stupid face (and well it would!) Newport Pagnell Backscrubber
  18. suave harv

    Is It Just Me?????

    This is a problem with following a tour around. The thrill lessens by the third show, especially if the setlist remains the same. I remember someone telling me they went to see a season of Elvis shows in Vegas in the seventies. After several shows they actually DIDN'T BOTHER to see one, and went...
  19. suave harv

    nf disco on the current set, question?

    He didn't sing the 'front disco' bit at Brum. I was waiting to see if he did.
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