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  1. West Ham Boys Club

    WANTED: Arsenal Tour/Edith Sitwell shirt

    Re: Not the original, but if you are looking for a Edith Sitwell t-shirt.
  2. West Ham Boys Club

    Marr at the O2 Academy Oxford

    Had a fantastic night! Marr was on top form, and treated us with a number of Smiths classics along with his new material - both were extremely good. From The Smiths catalogue he played; Stop Me, London, Bigmouth, and the encore consisted of How Soon and There is a Light. His rendition of...
  3. West Ham Boys Club

    Morrissey - Ideal Setlist

    1. I Want The One I Can’t Have 2. Whatever Happens, I Love You 3. Maladjusted 4. I'd Love To 5. November Spawned a Monster 6. We’ll Let You Know 7. Billy Bud 8. Boxers 9. The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get 10. Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself 11. Alma Matters 12. Sunny 13...
  4. West Ham Boys Club

    Morrissey skin bird shirt remake?

    Re: Morrissey punk girls Your Arsenal Tour shirt remake Unfortunately it would seem you have sold out. I'm extremely interested in purchasing one, will there be any more made?
  5. West Ham Boys Club

    Best Morrissey Song: The Bracket

    it has to be 'speedway' out of the final two, however, i would have loved to see 'why don't you find out for yourself' gone further in the voting.
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