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  1. LizSK2

    Ventura, CA - The Majestic Ventura Theater (Oct. 31, 2018) post-show

    It's a shit setlist. He's not done a properly great one since the Roundhouse series (I had tix for all nights, mug). It's always the same now - he starts off with three absolutely nailed-on classics and it's fantastic. And then, nothing. Read it, ask yourself how many are really his best songs...
  2. LizSK2

    "Low In High School" review by Andrew Perry (4/5 stars) in Q (Dec. 2017)

    5/10 in Uncut. Said his worst since Kill Uncle. That is more accurate. And btw, as a Jew I find his philosemitism most uncomfortable.
  3. LizSK2

    Morrissey statement on Manchester Attack - Morrissey Official Facebook

    Oh don't be so f***ing stupid. It is obviously him. I feel quite ashamed of all this, I don't know what he was thinking (it's what happens when someone has no management/PR). Potentially career-ending comments.
  4. LizSK2


    Brilliant! Throat cancer survivor smokes cigar! Moz, you fool
  5. LizSK2

    TTY: Boulder (Gustavo update, tour to start again in Detroit?)

    The sad thing is this - they (Moz, whoever's in charge, management) had to post that photo. Why? Otherwise half of the terrible c***s on here would go 'IT'S MOZ who's ill! He's dying!' or some such TMZ-level garbage. This is the worst site for any artist, bar none. Bile of a place.
  6. LizSK2

    TTY: The Queen Is Dead

    His continued blind faith in the importance of record labels and chart positions is quaint.
  7. LizSK2

    TTY: Prince, RIP

    And still not a f***ing word about Bowie. I mean, I worry for his mental health. The recent posts on TTY have been very dark and confused. He's utterly obsessed with the royals. I am no fan of the, but they affect my daily life not one bit. They affect his and he doesn't even live here. He's...
  8. LizSK2

    TTY: A-Hunting We Will Go !

    These recent postings have me worried for his mental health.
  9. LizSK2

    Article: Manager of the Viña del Mar Festival: "Morrissey is the hardest artist to work with, he's m As ever, there is no greater collection of total f***ing nutjobs to be found than in the comments section of Moz Solo. You guys! I love you! You never let me down! It's no wonder he's such a sour vinegar tits with a load of...
  10. LizSK2

    Supreme responds to TTY statement by Morrissey

    They own the photos end of story. People should give more of a f*** that Moz is happy to have his photo taken by a known abuser and rapist.
  11. LizSK2

    TTY: Eminem photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner

    He's finally gone round the bend.
  12. LizSK2

    TTY: Public Enemy! - photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner

    This really is getting increasingly pathetic now. Letting his nephew put together shitty Photoshop stuff is the most transparent Bowie-avoidance I've seen thus far. He's making a fool of himself, not new I grant, but this is a low.
  13. LizSK2

    TTY: To Me You Are A Work Of Art: Book launch info from editors; Foreword written by Morrissey

    Shame they only got Yanks in it! Lots of us Brits, myself included, have them too!
  14. LizSK2

    TTY: Sir Terry Wogan, RIP

    A lot of people on here say a lot of things without any evidence supporting it. We don't know about whether he did attempt that but that is really not the point. The point is, even if he had never met Bowie, nor been fired from the Outside tour, nor covered Drive In Saturday years later...
  15. LizSK2

    TTY: Sir Terry Wogan, RIP

    Absolutely true re Robert Smith, that has been surprising. But you're wrong about Frank: Corgan...
  16. LizSK2

    TTY: Sir Terry Wogan, RIP

    I can't take anonymous people seriously. I've kept quiet for nearly 3 weeks about Moz not saying a word and I'd had enough. I was angry and won't apologise for being so. I'm mostly just sad, thanks for your concern. Without Bowie, there's no Moz - and if you really don't think so, you must...
  17. LizSK2

    TTY: Sir Terry Wogan, RIP

    I have defended Moz with my life for many years. But this Bowie snub c***ery is a bridge too far. He's quite rightly getting an absolute pasting for being the ONLY major figure in music (are we counting Dylan? He didn't know Bowie at all) to say f*** all regarding the passing of a man without...
  18. LizSK2

    David Bowie dies at 69

    Re: David Bowie has died You say that like he told you personally. You didn't know so don't try and pretend you did. - - - Updated - - - And while I'm here: In the 'if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all' department, our bigmouth has NOTHING TO SAY about Bowie. f***ing...
  19. LizSK2

    Founder member of The Smiths Dale Hibbert tells his side of the story... - Lancashire Telegraph

    The first internet cafe was opened in Manchester (Cyberia, opposite Central Library) by Eva Pascoe. Not this fantasist. How much else is made up?
  20. LizSK2

    "List of the Lost" reviews in The Guardian, The Daily Beast

    The responses here are as wonderfully insane as I've come to expect from this site, which contains the most batshit bonkers humans that any artist can be lucky enough to call fans. Two kinds: 1. Morrissey is beneath all of you and can do no wrong, these writers are deluded. Look at how many...
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