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  1. darkeyelids

    Low in High School pre-order missing items

    I haven't received any shipping notices from Mporium US yet :mad:
  2. darkeyelids

    LIHS Mporium shipping notification

    Anyone who pre ordered from Mporium US get a shipping notification yet?
  3. darkeyelids

    Low in high school leak (go to page 9 or 10)

    The album is legally available in the Oceania in 2 hours time. Unless it is released before then, it really is an accomplishment that it hasn't been leaked. I've been anxiously checking for a leak most days, but no leak really does make the actual release day special and much more rewarding.
  4. darkeyelids

    Low in high school leak (go to page 9 or 10)

    Lots of vinyl and cassette copies in peoples hands on Instagram, seems some shops are selling it early. Surely a leak is imminent now.
  5. darkeyelids

    Twin Peaks thread

    The cameo refers to the footage they used from Fire Walk With Me (that was overdubbed) so Bowie appears only in flashbacks, but without his actual voice
  6. darkeyelids

    Some Girls... & recent live Smiths tracks via Qobuz downloads

    Thanks so much for these 'Famous When Dead' Just some quick art for iTunes if people are interested
  7. The Queen Is Dead (Live).jpg

    The Queen Is Dead (Live).jpg

  8. darkeyelids

    Damon Albarn asked Morrissey and Sade to appear on new Gorillaz album, but was turned down

    I would have loved to have heard these two collaborate, but based off the most recent Gorillaz singles I can 100% understand why Morrissey turned him down, not his style at all.
  9. darkeyelids

    Johnny Marr in Daily Telegraph (AU) Same article for free
  10. darkeyelids

    Where is this WPINOYB reissue?

    Idealy, I would love to see the reissue coupled with the Live at Madison Square Garden recording from last year that was heavily rumoured. That or include the 'french mixes' of the songs that exist + the tracks he played live that didn't make it (kids a looker etc)
  11. darkeyelids

    TTY: Boulder (Gustavo update, tour to start again in Detroit?)

    It is a bit silly of people to think that Moz & the band could just get on with the show and perform without Gustav. All the countless hours of rehearsal WITH GUSTAV to just come out with a show on the night that features no keyboards, piano, acoustic guitar or samples is a bit ridiculous. If...
  12. darkeyelids

    Newcastle, Australia - Civic Theatre (Oct. 31, 2016) post-show

    Thank you Bowie Boy This was my favourite show of the tour by far! Great to have a recording
  13. darkeyelids

    Newcastle, Australia - Civic Theatre (Oct. 31, 2016) post-show

    Absolutely amazing show, highlight of the entire tour. I left the venue in an absolute daze. Managed to get some of his shirt, so blessed. Big big love to Moz, come back soon
  14. darkeyelids

    Tokyo, Japan - Orchard Hall (Sep. 29, 2016) post-show

    Morrissey was in absolute fine form last night, his voice to his presence. Very excited for the Australian shows up next. "Thank you for Yoko Ono....I like you?? don't have to"
  15. darkeyelids

    Bergen, Norway - Grieghallen (Aug. 6, 2016) post-show

    Was Speedway the original or the newly butchered one from 2015
  16. darkeyelids

    List of Morrissey's missing rarities

    If somebody could please upload the 'Reader Meets Author' and 'Honey You Know Where to Find Me' takes from the Miraval sessions that would be great.
  17. darkeyelids

    HAMMERSMITH. 21.09.15. by Sam Esty Rayner / YouTube: - "Morrissey's final concert in the UK"

    He must read these forums. Sound is an upgrade but all his camera angles are still super generic
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