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  1. Old Mother Hell

    The Ellen Show

    How about some update on this. Anyone? He did say, "Your wish is my command..."
  2. Old Mother Hell

    Let the Right One In (Swedish movie)

    Uncanny. But there is a piece in the last New Yorker magazine about vampires in popular culture and there was a quick reference to this Swedish work. First thing that came to my mind was the Morrissey song. Small world, eh? Moz has always been huge in Sweden. Lucas Moodyson is a huge Moz fan...
  3. Old Mother Hell

    Marianne Faithfull

    I've seen the movie and, yes, Ms. Faithfull looks rather knackered but I think it was intended so - she was supposed to a dowdy old grandmother. In actuality, despite being 63, she still looks rather sophisticated in recent pictures. But, hey...what the hell do I know?
  4. Old Mother Hell

    Siouxsie and Steven sitting in a tree, kissing...........

    Well, Siouxsie did go out with Steve Severin during the early days of the Banshees. Fact.
  5. Old Mother Hell

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Moz at Anfield?! Did anybody see this? Our Moz being co-opted by the Scousers!! Bah!
  6. Old Mother Hell

    Marr on new PSB album

    PSB - Yes...Any updates? Has anybody heard anything about any leaks?
  7. Old Mother Hell

    For those who've heard it, how do you now rate Years of Refusal?

    Listening to it now on constant loop as well. What can I say? I love it unreservedly. It's more direct than Ringleaders and his singing is phenomenal. I can live with this record for the rest of the year, easy.:)
  8. Old Mother Hell


    Maybe this is a long shot but I'm looking for Chris Roberts' review of Mozzer's Earls Court gig back in 2004 for Uncut magazine. It was favourable review and I'd like to add it to my archive. Can anybody help out? Either a scan or re-type is fine. Cheers!
  9. Old Mother Hell

    Kristeen Young to play Hyde Park

    Kristeen Young It says on her wikipedia page that Kristeen has been invited by Morrissey to join the O2 bill at Hyde Park. If this is true, then I'm really please because I think she's the best Moz protege ever. Also, Morrissey is still heavily featured on her manager's website. I really think...
  10. Old Mother Hell

    Marr rips off ABBA

    Boy, is that some stretch of the imagination?! Sounds nothing like "SOS".
  11. Old Mother Hell

    Word Magazine

    After considering the recent events that resulted in The Word magazine making a court-ordered apology to Morrissey, could it be that the editorial team will now impose an all-out ban on Mozzer and all his forthcoming activities? I sense it could be a bad thing. Word is a fine magazine that had...
  12. Old Mother Hell

    Morrissey's Favorite book?

    In a Q interview back in 1994, for sure.
  13. Old Mother Hell

    Moz on Siouxsie's new solo album!?

    As reviewed in the latest Word magazine - Morrissey, Basement Jazz, Jean Paul Gaulthier and Sir Mix-A-Lot are guests on Siouxsie's debut solo album. Surely some mistake here...can anybody confirm or deny this nonsense?
  14. Old Mother Hell

    The Smiths reference in the new Gondry film

    The Smiths references in movies... John Singleton's sprawling, flawed - yet fascinating - college drama "Higher Learning": a huge Moz poster in a bedroom. Lukas Moodyson's brilliant "f***ing Amal": pictures and posters of The Smiths and Morrissey on girl's bedroom wall. John Cusack...
  15. Old Mother Hell

    Just another celebrity Morrissey fan...

    The thought of your banana sandwich just me off my fried peanut butter sandwich...
  16. Old Mother Hell

    Some books you may know in this list

    "Songs They Never Play On The Radio" How about this one...?
  17. Old Mother Hell

    Jools last night

    Flaming Lips, etc. Journo Rock, that´s what it is. Music that rock journalists critically acclaim. Meandering, often meaningless music that provide a kind of common ground for pseudo-intellectuals to, well, expound on. It´s rather boring, really. I mean, ten years ago it was f***ing "OK...
  18. Old Mother Hell

    Sinead & Morrissey photo request

    Fanks, mate! You´re a star, Bona Snack!!! I salute you.
  19. Old Mother Hell

    Sinead & Morrissey photo request

    Can somebody please upload the picture of Morrissey having tea with Sinead O´Connor in her garden? I believe it was featured in the Linder book, "Morrissey Shot". The next ice-cream´s on me, then.
  20. Old Mother Hell

    ‘How soon is now’ TOTP performance

    22 Years! It´s been 22 years since I first saw that clip. I´ve heard The Smiths in bits and pieces before but never knew how they looked like until then. It´s so clear, even today, that Morrissey was/is simply a natural born star. Mind you, the clip isn´t still cuts off at the...
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