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  1. railwayvalidation

    Sesiones (con Alejandro Franco) live session - Moz & Band picture/advert

    Thanks gordyboy9, he was a bit of a legend wasn't he? Need to catch up on quite a few of those Hammer films still!
  2. railwayvalidation

    Mexico City - Vive Latino (Mar. 17, 2018) post-show

    Hoping to watch the feed later on...however the article/review of the gig mentions the set featured ‘Let me kiss you’, ‘Glamorous glue’ and ‘Now my heart is full’.
  3. railwayvalidation

    London - Alexandra Palace (Mar. 9, 2018) post-show

    Good gig and a respectful, attentive audience. Glad to hear ‘Glamorous’ but lost ‘Suedehead’ and ‘Playboys’. Agree with the comments regarding covers, no need for three of them, especially ‘You’ll be gone’, it’s a filler not a killer. Loved ‘I Started...’ though, excellent sound and Moz was in...
  4. railwayvalidation

    Queueing for Alexandra Palace

    Confusion is the name...surely he can’t be on that early. Thanks for the info though.
  5. railwayvalidation

    Morrissey Tour Merch

    Checked here?
  6. railwayvalidation

    Queueing for Alexandra Palace

    Thanks for checking that, brilliant!
  7. railwayvalidation

    Queueing for Alexandra Palace

    Moz on at 8 or video at 8? Any more info on this? Thanks.
  8. railwayvalidation

    Brighton - Brighton Centre (Mar. 3, 2018) post-show

    Moz and the band seem on solid form and that’s a quality setlist, new album being promoted heavily as with any new lp tour. Shame that ‘I started something...’ has been dropped though.
  9. railwayvalidation

    For sale - morrissey viva hate 1st uk test pressing

    The record and sleeve and in superb condition, I've yet to play it. Thank you if you have previously contacted me regarding this item. I did have a buyer but clearly it wasn't meant to be. I'm therefore listing the record again in a hope a genuine fan will part with it. Ideally a UK buyer...
  10. railwayvalidation

    Moz Art Prints

    Hi all. I've been making some Moz / Smiths related work recently and I thought you guys might be interested in taking a look and maybe even spreading the word if you could. They are all hand drawn including any text but then coloured & edited digitally. I'll be hopefully printing these off...
  11. railwayvalidation

    Morrissey - Viva Hate Test Pressing

    Thanks very much for all the replies guys, I guess I have some thinking to do.
  12. railwayvalidation

    Morrissey - Viva Hate Test Pressing

    Hi darby1974, thanks for the reply. I've had this copy for a short while and not sure if there many like it, it's value, that sort of thing. Cheers
  13. railwayvalidation

    Morrissey - Viva Hate Test Pressing

    H all, including vinyl enthusiasts. Does anyone have any more info other than what can be found on PJLM, regarding this 'Viva Hate' pressing? Many thanks. If you're lucky to have caught a show or have tickets to one, lucky you!
  14. railwayvalidation

    Looking for tickets to The Smyths at the HALF MOON 29th Nov! Thanks

    Looking for 2-4 tickets to The Smyths at the HALF MOON 29th Nov! Thanks
  15. railwayvalidation

    Hop Farm 'roll call' + 'Morrissey tickets' now available for £40

    Anyone know of any spare Saturday tickets? Cheapish?!? Thanks!
  16. railwayvalidation

    Wanted - cheap hop farm saturday!

    Hi everyone, Desperate for a Saturday ticket to the festival, no camping required. I know it's a long shot but can only afford £30-40, skintarama.... Let me know if anyone is desperate to get rid of one! Thanks and enjoy the gig to those of you going!
  17. railwayvalidation

    Discounted Hop Farm Tickets On Sale 9AM Today

    £35 WOULD be ideal, perhaps Supajam might offer us something tempting. Cheers.
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