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  1. smiffy

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I'm so sad about Terry Hall:(
  2. smiffy

    Terry Hall, lead singer of The Specials, has passed away

    Ska revival, and especially The Specials, were the first genre I was into as a kid, reminds me of youth club, and school discos, and tracks that will stay with me forever. I've never seen a lead singer remain so still on a stage whilst the crowd was going mental, A true man, political voice...
  3. smiffy

    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    Because well love th I think he's Brummie boy in disguise
  4. smiffy

    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    What the actual f*** are you on about Benny, what point are you trying to make? Explain yourself, what is your function in here?
  5. smiffy

    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    It's not painful, it's just that you bore me.
  6. smiffy

    The dreadful state of UK ticket sales

    Mr anonymous, I don't usually judge, but I think you are a c***, or maybe being a bit you are a c***.
  7. smiffy

    Attendance guess: Leeds March 06 2020

    I agree, the stage was in the same place as previous gigs I've been to.
  8. smiffy

    Telegraph review of the Leeds concert

    A good review that, I really enjoyed the show, the set list meant it wasn't a rowdy gig, but I really enjoyed the slower pace, one for purists I'd say, new tracks, although not my faves, were executed superbly so now will remember them fondly, well done Moz and band
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