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  1. Rupert

    Manchester - Manchester Arena (July 28, 2012) post-show

    Really didn't know what to expect from this concert. Having seen our man in Stoke Victoria Hall, and the Palladium last year, I was wondering how seeing him in an arena again would compare (especially the Palladium, which was my very favourite show to date). I must say, I was very pleasantly...
  2. Rupert

    Morrissey Clash Interview

    Interesting read, thanks!
  3. Rupert

    Palladium audio.

    This is actually often how I prefer bootlegs - audience very audible. Really captures a lot of the energy of the night. Thank you and well done!
  4. Rupert

    London - Palladium (Aug. 8, 2011) post-show

    Every time I journey to see our man, I always tell myself it will never be as good as the last. Stoke was very special, but this was right up there with it. A stunning end to a stunning tour. His voice is beyond impressive right now, and he nailed every song. First time at the Palladium, and...
  5. Rupert

    10 Underrated solo songs

    The Kid's A Looker. Ok yeah, not his best song, and certainly not one of my favourites, but I do think this is underrated. It's a pretty good song to sing along to. The la la's obviously annoy a lot of people. I wasn't sure at first either, but I think the reason for that is because Morrissey's...
  6. Rupert

    Leeds - Academy (July 7, 2011) post-show

    Yeah, you said it.
  7. Rupert

    Leeds - Academy (July 7, 2011) post-show

    Yeah that was exactly my if it's supposed to be incessant and repetitive. Although it's still the song of the three newies that I'm yet to fully warm to. It's alright, but it may take a little longer. No doubt hearing it live will be a better indication.
  8. Rupert

    More London dates

    Weeeeeyb, got me a royal circle Palladium tick. Happy days.
  9. Rupert

    Leeds - Academy (July 7, 2011) post-show

    Loving the short, snappy and concise summaries. Excellent stuff.
  10. Rupert

    Leeds - Academy (July 7, 2011) post-show

    ODGBWBF is possibly the one song I get most excited about seeing at a Morrissey gig now....such an intense and jaw dropping performance/delivery. Edit: sorry, jaw dropping song that is played live.....only seals perform....
  11. Rupert

    perth audio

    Re: perth 2011 (audio) megaupload Thanks for megauploading this!
  12. Rupert

    perth audio

    Thank you kindly!
  13. Rupert

    Gustavo Manzur's keyboards

    I think Gustavo is doing some fantastic work this tour. The string synths on Everyday Is Like Sunday and There Is A Light etc work incredibly well. Not cheesy sounding at all.
  14. Rupert


    Since attending the Stoke gig, I have become completely obsessed with Speedway. Not that I never loved it, but I haven't really given Vauxhall a complete listen in a while. Such a beautiful song, so pleased it's in the set this tour. Also, is it true that the drummed ending was completely...
  15. Rupert

    So tell me how long before the right one

    So tell me how long before the right one
  16. Rupert

    Stoke-on-Trent - Victoria Hall (July 5, 2011) post-show

    I shouldn't really even be contemplating this, but I'm thinking I may well have to be up early to try and nab a Palladium ticket. Tickets on sale at 9.....anyone know what time they started the Stoke one? Because that was definitely before 9. I was very lucky to have got a ticket. I've made sure...
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