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  1. SeniorLife

    Far Out: "The National’s Matt Berninger explains why he no longer listens to Morrissey" (April 21, 2023)

    I'm from the States, and am thoroughly against the letter 'z' myself...but I do like the movie 'World War S'
  2. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "Kylian Mbappe and Marcia Aoki (wife of Pele) at the Pele home" (April 11, 2023)

    I don't know DirkBlaggard...from my perspective and opinion re: ACTON, he always has a pretty decent array of knowledge of many different cultural references (and a very odd ritual of posting two consecutive different posts next to each other). I say that with respect ACTON as I almost always...
  3. SeniorLife

    Fiona Dodwell: new interview coming "very" soon (April 2, 2023)

    You're an ass. Gordyboy9 made a mistake. You know you stalk this site like you stalk the streets for friends, so you know Gordyboy9 contributes to the site in informative and interesting posts. I don't know Gordyboy9 from Adam. F u
  4. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY AIRPLAY 2022" (March 29, 2023)

    Oh, Morrissey. You were inserted into my life and have changed my life since that time forever for the good. Without you I would surely be a lonely petroleum transfer technician. But what is happening? Why these silly posts? You used to guard with absolute security what came from your camp. Now...
  5. SeniorLife

    London - Eventim Apollo (March 19, 2023) post-show

    It's the same audience. It's because we got older.
  6. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "A 4:10 MENTION" (February 27, 2023)

    Good point. Blue Dreamers Eyes is a very good song in my opinion, both lyrically and musically. Does anyone know why it never made it on an album? Or at least a B-side (if there is such a thing anymore)? Does anyone know what LP time frame it was recorded around? It's strange to me that it's...
  7. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "New Recording." (February 20, 2023)

    I agree. Immediately after reading that and seeing a GMAIL address I just felt a bit sad. It was not unlike reading an add for someone selling a used car in a newspaper.
  8. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "BONFIRE OF TEENAGERS, RIP" (February 13, 2023) - Morrissey vs Capitol Records

    Didn’t we get introduced to that pic, albeit not in those colors, if colored at all, in The Severed Alliance ? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.
  9. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "BONFIRE OF TEENAGERS, RIP" (February 13, 2023) - Morrissey vs Capitol Records

    I miss the days when album titles were sometimes ambiguous. E.g., Kill Uncle…or clever such as Strangways…. It’s almost as in the earlier days the music came first, and the social commentary came second. There are exceptions, The Queen, Meat…. But now it seems it’s topsy turvey. The social...
  10. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central “BONFIRE DOUSED” (February 7, 2023)

    Everyone who is suggesting that Moz just re-record the songs….. you do realize that this is the artist who 1) shows up late 2) doesn’t show up 3) and when it‘s # 1, drops maybe 3 takes and runs out the door…. right? This actually works for him I think, and for us, but c’mon folks.
  11. SeniorLife

    Page Six Secret Service probe follow-up: emails from Morrissey's manager; meeting took place December 9, 2017 for 30 minutes in NYC (January 18, 2022)

    Amen. I don’t agree w all you just posted but this sums this thread up perfectly. All you tough guys and gals, if you had the guts to test the SS you’d be begging on your knees saying ‘it’s all just a joke’. (you) may not like them, but they don’t fk around. Can we just drop this now and...
  12. SeniorLife

    The Times: "20 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" - Johnny Marr #6 (January 13, 2023)

    Lazy ‘journalism’ and click bait at it’s truest definition. If your desire was to make a real piece worthy of reading, The Times (not familiar with the paper, from the States) should have made an effort to do a peer review where the guitarist isn’t allowed to include themselves. And broaden...
  13. SeniorLife

    The Times: "20 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" - Johnny Marr #6 (January 13, 2023)

    I agree, wholly. It’s so trite and lacks any knowledge of who Morrissey is, and who he isn’t. Whoever wrote Marr’s piece obviously did a 30 second Wikipedia search and went with it. When you write a line that has been used so many times, you lose all credibility, of which you probably never had...
  14. SeniorLife

    Page Six: Did Morrissey lie about Secret Service probe into his Trump murder boast? (January 13, 2022)

    Wrong. No matter how flippant the remark, or the intention of the remarker, if you say anything as blatant as that (assuming he did), the Secret Service are obligated to look into it. They have looked into far less. Just because you don’t get a personal visit by the Secret Service doesn’t mean...
  15. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central France, Belgium concerts and 1 UK date announced (January 10, 2023)

    Father and son walk by poster. Father says to son, ‘hey, this Morrissey guy looks pretty decent, let’s have a listen’. Get in the car and throw a couple of tunes on Spotify and father and son recognize they are hearing the greatest lyricist and voice (except Elvis re: voice) they’ve ever heard...
  16. SeniorLife

    There Speaks a True Friend (alternate/full version)

    You know FWD is the boss when you (in this case, me) don’t understand a word that was just said but you trust it 100%. Props.
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