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  1. Jammy Poet

    Favorite song off 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'?

    Been a while since I've posted (as I finally reset my password) however loving the new album! After a period of some odd re-releases / compilations etc, this is brilliant!! .. "Staircase at the University" and "Neal Cassady" being my standouts so far... Splendid
  2. Jammy Poet

    conversation using only morrissey lyrics

    How could anybody possibly know how I feel ?
  3. Jammy Poet

    Pregnant for the last time

    Agreed The live b-side is arguably better. Nothing wrong with chips and (salad) cream :)
  4. Jammy Poet

    Odds are Brand/Perry to name baby "Morrissey"?

    Just read the title of this thread and couldn't help but laugh :lbf:
  5. Jammy Poet

    who should produce morrissey's next album?

    Kill Uncle for me was pretty weak. I like your suggestion of Brian Eno as a potential producer, would suggest Daniel Lanois myself or the return of Steve Lillywhite. Think Eno did wonders with Coldplay...
  6. Jammy Poet

    Morrissey's Christmas Songs

    "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Presents" "The Drummer-Boy Racer" "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Sentimental" "Yule Have to Find Out For Yule-self" "Now My Sack Is Full" "It's Not Your Turkey Anymore" "I'm Ok By My 'Elf" "Santa Doesn't Help" "Santa You Know Where to Find Me"...
  7. Jammy Poet

    I saw Morrissey earlier outside Harrods

    "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Presents" "The Drummer-Boy Racer" "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Sentimental" "Yule Have to Find Out For Yule-self" "Now My Sack Is Full" ... ? (Or is that one a different game ?)
  8. Jammy Poet

    Is Morrissey OK?

    I just heard this news this morning - unbelievable!! Don't blame Morrissey for walking off and cancelling the rest of the show. Naturally, I feel sorry for the audience having their night cut short, all because of one mindless idiot. I hope the crowd gave whoever it was a severe kicking...
  9. Jammy Poet

    Swords Tracks

    The iTunes download version has "The Slum Mums" and "Human Being" as bonus tracks. A special edition download of the album is also available with the 'Live from Warsaw' tracks as well as the 20 b-sides.
  10. Jammy Poet

    Swords Tracks

    From what my ears tell me, all 18 tracks are in their original format - mix and length. "The Slum Mums" is in a slightly different mix - notably the intro and has almost a minute of unneccessary silence added to the end, but "Human Being" is the original version
  11. Jammy Poet

    The 'new' Slum Mums

    Believe it's also longer than the original. I think 'Human Being' has also been edited slightly as well
  12. Jammy Poet

    The media's reaction to Morrissey's sudden illness

    Bollocks! You're also probably convinced Jacko is alive and well...
  13. Jammy Poet

    People booing after Morrissey left the stage

    I can appreciate the disappointment, especially just one song in - I would be too, but for fans to jump in feet first and hurl direct insults at him is dispicable, whatever the reason.
  14. Jammy Poet

    post 'Official' reviews of Swords

    Perhaps a little off topic, but for those of you who prefer the download approach - has Swords, std 18-track version, available for a limited period for £5.
  15. Jammy Poet

    Years Of Refusal is a classic

    Didn't think this deserved a brand new thread as such, but was in my local Tesco's last night, and guess what they had in their bargain CD section for £3..? Yep, a pile of brand new copies of 'Refusal'. Ok, so many of us will have it already, and paid £8 or so for it (yours truly from...
  16. Jammy Poet

    Which of these two albums (expanded versions) will you take on your exile?

    "Southpaw Grammar" for me all the way. Just a personal favourite. Still cannot fathom the omission of 'Papa Jack' and 'Roy's Keen' from Maladjusted...? But do like the inclusion of ALL the b-sides..
  17. Jammy Poet

    Swords Cover Art?

    Not daft on the cover myself, but hey-ho... The woodland theme reminds me a little of the Killers b-side compilation 'Sawdust' (which was done much better)
  18. Jammy Poet

    What has happened to Swords?

    No, but i guess we can assume that's what Disc 2 is... ? They'll no doubt update the site nearer the release date
  19. Jammy Poet

    Swords - Tracklisting

    I think the order plays quite well, glad its purely b-sides and not a mish-mash with album tracks (ie 'World Of' or 'Burglary Years') I would've loved to have seen one or two unreleased tracks or versions, but overall quite a generous compilation for the non-bside owner. I'll certainly be...
  20. Jammy Poet

    clip of Morrissey presenting award to the"very sexy U2"(1998)

    Was thinking the same thing, especially for a guy who has always said "you'll never see me at the brit awards, or rubbish like that.." Mind you, he was very recently on daytime tv on "the one show" talking about unemployment etc... He's soo goin to do Losse Women at some point!
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