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  1. federico

    R.I.P. Sinead O'Connor

    I am stretched on your grave ...
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  3. federico

    Binyamina-Giv'at Ada - Zappa Amphi Shuni (July 2, 2023) post-show

    good audio for the new track ...
  4. federico

    Binyamina-Giv'at Ada - Zappa Amphi Shuni (July 2, 2023) post-show

    My hurling days are done played
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  6. federico

    Please score these tracks covered by Morrissey (Part 2 of 2)

    My Insatiable One No One Can Hold A Candle To You Nothing Rhymed Only A Pawn In Their Game 7.5 Redondo Beach 6 Rose Garden 6 Satellite Of Love 8 Simon Smith & His Amazing Dancing Bear 6 Skin Storm 7 Some Say I Got Devil 9 Song From Under The Floorboards 6.5 Street Life 6.5 Subway Train* 6.5...
  7. federico

    Please score these tracks covered by Morrissey (Part 1 of 2)

    Alone Again (Naturally) 6.5 Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? 6 Back On The Chain Gang 6.5 Cosmic Dancer 7 Days Of Decision 8 Don't Interrupt The Sorrow 6.5 Drive-In Saturday 6.5 East West 7 El Cóndor Pasa 6 Human Being 7.5 I Didn't Know What To Do 6 Interlude 7 It Happens Every Time 7 It's...
  8. federico

    Please score these Morrissey/various other co-write tracks

    At Last I Am Born (Farrell) 6 2. Found Found Found (Langer) 6.5 3. Get Off The Stage (Rourke) 6 4. Girl Least Likely To (Rourke) 7 5. He Knows I'd Love To See Him (Armstrong) 7 6. I Am Veronica - live version available only (WSK)* 7 7. Lost (Cobrin) 9 8. Mute Witness (Langer) 6.5 9. November...
  9. federico

    Please score these Morrissey/Lopez tracks

    Bonfire Of Teenagers (live version only) 8 Darling, I Hug A Pillow 7 Home Is A Question Mark 8.5 If Saturday Ever Comes (lost/demo version only) 6 My Love, I'd Do Anything For You 7.5 Never Again Will I Be A Twin 6.5 The Secret Of Music 7
  10. federico

    Morrissey Central "BEAM OF LIGHT." (May 19, 2023)

    So sad for me, so sad for the universe ...❤️ ❤️❤️
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  12. federico

    Please score these Morrissey/Whyte tracks (T-Y)

    Teenage dad on his estate 6.5 The Boy Racer 7.5 The edges are no longer parallel 8 The father who must be killed 7 The lazy sunbathers 9 The national front disco 8.5 The never played symphonies 8 The operation 7 There speaks a true friend 6 This is not your country 8 To me you are a work of art...
  13. federico

    Please score these Morrissey/Whyte tracks (I-S)

    I am hated for loving 8 I am two people 6.5 I have forgiven Jesus 9 I will see you in far off places 8 I ll never be anybody s hero now 7 Irish blood , English heart 9 It s hard to walk tall when you re small 8 It s not your birthday anymore 7.5 Let me kiss you 9 Let the right one slip in 7 Life...
  14. federico

    Please score these Morrissey/Nevin tracks

    (I'm) The End Of The Family Line 8 Asian Rut 7 Born To Hang** 6 Driving Your Girlfriend Home 6.5 I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday 7 I've Changed My Plea To Guilty 7 King Leer 7 My Love Life 6.5 Our Frank 7.5 Pregnant For The Last Time 7 Sing Your Life 8 The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye 7...
  15. federico

    Please score these Morrissey/Whyte tracks (A-H)

    A swallow on my neck 8 All the lazy dykes 8 Alma matters 8 Ambitious outsiders 6 America is not the world 8 Because of my poor education 6 Billy budd 7.5 Black eyed Susan 6.5 Boxers 8.5 Certain people I know 9 Dagenham Dave 8 Dear god please help me 7,5 Do your best and don t worry 7 Don t make...
  16. federico

    Please score these Morrissey/Boorer tracks (M-Y)

    Maladjusted 7.5 Mexico 6.5 Mountjoy 9 Noise is the best revenge 6.5 Now my heart is full 9 Oboe concerto 8 One day goodbye will be farewell 8.5 Reader meet author 7 Rebels without applause 8 Satan rejected my soul 7 Scandinavia 7 Speedway 9 Spring -heeled Jim 8 Staircase at the university 8 That...
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