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    I don't want to wake up on my own anymore

    Re: @ Dave and Billy I think you misunderstood what I was getting at.
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    I don't want to wake up on my own anymore

    Re: @ Dave and Billy Yes yes and yes. There's almost an aloofness about them; "well when i was depressed and wanting to kill myself i did x y and z", as though there is an accepted and normal process. Disgraceful.
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    I don't want to wake up on my own anymore

    and this is why solow is called as such. you sound very naive in your analysis of this person. in times of desperation logic goes entirely out of the window. there have been documented occasions where people have been goaded into committing suicide by complete strangers- online and also in...
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    A little help from those who know Manchester

    :( how I miss that place. there are no toilets as good as jillys.
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    Russell Brand - Why I love The Smiths

    Katy Perry f***s me off big time. Good choice of wedding song, though.
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    A little help from those who know Manchester

    If you're a light sleeper, avoid the hotels around Canal Street and Oxford Road (with the exception of the Palace Hotel which is beautiful and does great cocktails :p). There are a couple near the MEN arena which could be a good bet- great city centre location but not too close to clubs/bars...
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    have you guys seen these pics?

    Moz doesn't usually go far wrong with fashion but that leather/pleather get up he is wearing is absolutely vile :sick: i think i'm going to have nightmares.
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    Something I've always wanted to do!

    Brilliant. Sam is just the best.
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    Black Eyed Peas to Morrissey

    Morrissey and Marr partnership. Marr played guitar/harmonica on a Girls Aloud song. Cheryl Cole is from Girls Aloud... Who worked with Wil.I.Am on Heartbreaker... Wil I Am is from Black Eyed Peas. (is it sad I got this so fast :o I really need to get a job/life)
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    Charlie Brooker Moz reference 7/12/10

    What?! I think he's handsome. I'm about the only one though which speaks volumes about my taste in men really.
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    Charlie Brooker Moz reference 7/12/10

    Stop swearing? I say "f***", you say "nob", I think the two can cancel each other out non? Groaming? I take it by that you meant grooming? Or groaning? Or a lustful combination of the two? Whatever way, it sounds exciting. But if patronising brainwashed 14 year olds is your idea of grooming...
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    Charlie Brooker Moz reference 7/12/10

    "The zenith of my journalistic reading", I'm sorry but who the f*** do you think you are? Do you know anything about me?? You are making assumptions about the depth of my study into journalism because I hail Brooker as being radical? You, whoever you are, are a snob.
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    Charlie Brooker Moz reference 7/12/10

    Screenwipe and especially Newswipe contain some of the strongest bits of journalism I've ever seen. He constantly questions the status quo of the media industry; I see him as picking up where Chris Morris left off with Brass Eye & The Day Today. Just because he does things in a light hearted...
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    HURTS - Happiness (debut album, September 2010)

    I LOVE that one...don't think it's leaked though. This is very good news, Hurts are my band of the year.
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    Amy Winehouse: new album out in 2010

    I like her alot. Glad to hear this.
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    the OFFICIAL world cup 2010 thread

    DeJong= :swear: I miss Alonso :tears:
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    Bona Drag reissue 4th Oct, remastered & extra tracks

    Re: Bona Drag reissue 27th Sep, remastered & extra tracks I didnt realise there were these rules on Becoming A Morrissey Fan but I would love to get a hold of them...;) Anyway.
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