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    Members Pics

    Love Alma xxx
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    Train Conductor

    Awwww! So cute....I am head over heels.....oh......and that conductor guy is super cute too Peter! ;) Love Alma xxx
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    Members Pics

    I'm not beyond persuasion! HAPPY EASTER! Love Alma xxx
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    Bournemouth - Bournemouth International Centre (Mar.14, 2015) post-show

    Well that was pretty bloody brilliant! Love Alma
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    Members Pics

    Comic relief....make your face funny for money! Love Alma xxx
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    Guy on Harry Hill's Stars In Their Eyes is doing Morrissey

    Re: Guy on Harry Hill's Stars In Their Eyes is doing Morrissey! Me and my brood all thought he had a decent stab at it....not bad at all....but the jeans were not up to scratch....a bit too baggy and flared to cut the mustard! Overall though we think :thumb: Love Alma xxx
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    New to Morrissey-Solo

    You seem really nice .....but I have been wrong "many many times!" Really hope your Smiths/Morrissey journey is utterly fabulous...welcome! What shows are you doing in March? Love Alma xxx
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    Celebrity Death Pool 2015

    Too late to enter I know but for what it's worth..... Miley Cyrus Prince Philip Fidel Castro Amanda Baynes Gazza Leslie Philips Bobbi Kristina Brown Lindsay Lohan Bruce Forsyth Laurent Sourisseau Love Alma xxx
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    The new Photography thread

    Hailstones in my garden. Love Alma xxx
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    The new Photography thread

    I think at this exact moment my son really thought he was the king of the world! Love Alma xxx
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    Members Pics

    The Smyths @ Sub89 Reading Friday night....they were amazing as usual! Love Alma xxx
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    The Smyths - 30th Anniversary of 'Meat Is Murder' London Gig

    Re: The Smyths - 30th Anniversary of 'Meat Is Murder' - Sat 10th January Anyone else going to The Smyths in Reading on the 16th? :thumb: Love Alma xxx
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    Getting Old: Discuss

    48 is the new 28! :rolleyes: Love Alma xxx
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    What did make you smile today?

    A most successful day! Love Alma xxx
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    Xmas 2014: Who's Got Lights Up?

    Re: Xmas 2015: Who's Got Lights Up? Mine have been up for a week....did them last Sunday to combat the post O2 come-down! Love Alma xxx
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    Members Pics

    I guess my attempt at "scary" failed then?.....but this look didn't make it into school for fear of freaking out the children....strictly extra curricular! ;) Love Alma xxx
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    Members Pics

    Halloween....not so cute now! Love Alma xxx
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    Members Pics

    All the little ones in my class dressed as evacuees and looked far cuter! Love Alma xxx
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    Members Pics

    World War II day at school! Love Alma xxx
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    Members Pics

    Love Alma xxx
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