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  1. Sir Alec

    The bailout passed. How do you feel about that?

    The free-market will even itself out. It always does... right... right?!?! :confused: *jumps out window*
  2. Sir Alec

    The official Democratic National Convention thread

    Obama has his flaws. He's extremely green as you and I both know, but his heart is in a much better place than McCain and Palin. If you haven't noticed already, the republican party has mastered the ability to say one thing, do another, and recover when they are caught with misdirectional...
  3. Sir Alec

    The official Democratic National Convention thread

    You know, when it comes to World War II shooter games, everybody know that Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway is the route to go. This nation doesn't need four more sequels of CoD.
  4. Sir Alec

    The official Democratic National Convention thread

    Says who? Idiots and people named Buzzetta?
  5. Sir Alec

    The official Democratic National Convention thread

    Well look at it this way. Democrats are up against their own incompetence and the incompetence of the republicans as well. They are fighting to keep separation of church and state, abortion rights, and civil rights in ways that the republicans do not. They are fighting to keep the market...
  6. Sir Alec

    These girls need some serious help!

    I recently had a female advertisement professional try and tell me that the media has little effect on women's body image issues. Bullshit! It all makes me quite sad really.
  7. Sir Alec

    Who is your solo crush?

    I'll admit I've gone down that path before and enjoyed my experiences. Enough said.
  8. Sir Alec

    Who is your solo crush?

    I have a loving respect for EPbabe and The Cat's Mother (who represent euro-hotties and milfs respectively), but forever will there be a place in my heart for the one and only Chica.
  9. Sir Alec

    What are your origins?

  10. Sir Alec

    STRAIGHT GUYS ONLY: Tits or ass?

    This poll is very difficult for me. There are many different variations of asses and tits that I like. Maybe one day scientists will develop the first ass-tit.
  11. Sir Alec

    Head and Sex

    Oh, it's just like drinking black coffee! You get used to it after your third or fourth cup.
  12. Sir Alec


    It can feel so pointless though. You work so hard to find love, and then it's gone before you realize it. Most of the people I have wanted to be with have been rejecting, already taken, or damaged beyond repair.
  13. Sir Alec

    I Feel So Nervous About This Election

    People who are voting for the first time or just registered cannot take part in the elections polls, so if you factor that in Obama is leading even more. Suck it McCain! The youngins are gonna screw ya over good!
  14. Sir Alec


    I fell in love recently... again.
  15. Sir Alec

    Putin Frink Thread

    This thread is disturbing on so many levels.
  16. Sir Alec

    Make-up: Yes or No?

    I've worn make-up once or twice for special occasions. Mostly eyeliner.
  17. Sir Alec

    The official Democratic National Convention thread

    I don't think that you can blame Ralph Nader for running as a third party candidate. Not everyone likes the two party system, so they should be allowed other options. I've always supported democrats, but their attacks on Nader seem to be bitter and cruel. Get over it already! Nader didn't lose...
  18. Sir Alec

    The official Democratic National Convention thread
  19. Sir Alec

    McCain's VP Choice

    Notice how he never answered a single question Matthews asked him. f***ing slime.
  20. Sir Alec

    McCain's VP Choice

    That was awesome, but something tells me some of those facts aren't 100% true. Don't get me wrong, I despise Palin and can't believe anyone is going to vote for McCain, but so far the proven facts about Palin are enough to label her insane. No need to stretch the just plain absurd into the...
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