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  1. Arsenal

    Man killed by armed bird at cockfight, haha

    I'm sure this outstanding citizen who organizes murder festivals and torture sessions for animals will be sorely missed in society.
  2. Arsenal

    Stupid cop gets away with murder of 8 year old boy

    The organizer of the event is a police chief, they are blaming the police one way or the other. And why should he take responsibility for the stupidity of the parents? They took their kid to an event with guns, let the kid use guns, filmed it and then they want to shirk responsibility by...
  3. Arsenal

    Stupid cop gets away with murder of 8 year old boy

    Parents bring child to event with guns. Parents consent to child firing an UZI. Child, being an idiot, kills self with gun while parents watch and tape it. Blame police for parents being morons. ??? LAWSUIT! Only in America, I swear.
  4. Arsenal

    Andy Gray / Sky Sports

    It's because man bashing and misandry are now commonly accepted in our society. If two women off camera were 'caught' having a private conversation about how men are morons and only good for kicking a football around, there would be little or no 'scandal'. Two guys shooting the shit off camera...
  5. Arsenal

    Happy Birthday John Lydon 55 today

    Public Image Limited is one of the best Post Punk bands of all time. Absolutely brilliant band and a brilliant artist.
  6. Arsenal

    Please help the cause against...

    High on his pedestal, telling the working man to give more money away while addressing them adorned in a Rolex watch, $5,000 sunglasses and fresh off an 8 hr flight on his private Lear Jet.
  7. Arsenal

    Bullfighting is not a sport or spectacle, it's murder

    I enjoy watching matadors get mauled, same with the people in the bull run.
  8. Arsenal

    Religion Redux

    Except for the priests who practice the age old Vatican practice of "No Child's Behind Left". They just get shifted to another church, confess to a fellow priest (priveledged), and then say sorry to Jesus and get a free pass! But yeah, the regular fags are so gonna burn for their 'sins'!
  9. Arsenal

    Bad Girls Club

    Lovvvve me a bit of Darcell Jones! Mmmm, mmmmm! Darcell Jones! They should rename it TEAM FOXY!
  10. Arsenal

    Has Listening to Swords made you sad and cranky?

    re-releasing old songs instead of new stuff makes me sad and cranky.
  11. Arsenal

    Religion Redux

    I'm not surprised. Anything that threatens the bigoted, hateful and archaic stance of the church is met with brutal force. Anyone who thinks religion has a place in our society or lives at this stage in our evolution is deluded, and this is just one example among millions.
  12. Arsenal

    Hindu sacrifice of 250,000 animals begins

    What a bunch of sad bastards. They actually believe that slaughtering animals by the tens of thousands, to some invisible sky spirit is going to work, huh? Ah, religion. Causing mass murder, genocide, rape, suffering and despair in the name of X all powerful deity. Business as usual.
  13. Arsenal

    Woman loses benefits over Facebook pics

    I didn't know the frenchies were suddenly dumber than the newfies. Imagine that.
  14. Arsenal

    Bloody Hell...Barbie's in a Burka :(

    They need to make a "Jihad Ken" to compliment her. Ken comes with a strong back hand for when his sex slave, er wife!, gets out of line by doing such things as: walking within 5 feet of him, daring to speak when not spoken to, requesting to drive a car or express independent thoughts. He also...
  15. Arsenal

    why hasn't morrissey toured africa?

    He wanted too, but after the tour in mud hut ville, and the outdoor concert on the lion savanna and a visit to cheer up all the dying people in the aids hospital, he just didn't have enough time for sitting around at home and self grooming in front of a mirror. He tried, but he couldn't quite...
  16. Arsenal

    Bloody Hell...Barbie's in a Burka :(

    Does it come with a do it yourself genital mutilation kit and instructions on how to properly jihad against the non believers? I'd so buy that.
  17. Arsenal

    Beatles or Stones?

    Both are pretty bad. I'll go with.. neither. Thanks.
  18. Arsenal

    Morrissey has fan thrown out of Hamburg gig – video on NME website

    Why would you pay all that money for travel, tickets, accommodations (if necessary) food, drinks and probably merchandise just to tell an artist you supposedly like a bunch of profanity, or to hurl something at them? I mean, the guy who threw a beer at Morrissey probably paid over a 100 dollars...
  19. Arsenal

    Moz will never visit my country

    Many Conservatives are against taking a fetus out of a woman's womb, but smashing a living creatures skull in and skinning them before they are even dead is hunky dory! Yeah.. this country is pretty f***ed up in many, many ways.
  20. Arsenal

    Susan Boyle - I Dreamed A Dream (2009) debut CD Download

    So I guess the cure for an 'emotional breakdown' is making lots of money, then? Awesome.
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