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  1. beanburger

    Roland Gift

    I saw him recently where I live in London and we chatted for a few minutes. He seemed healthy enough to me.
  2. beanburger

    The Smiths live at the Nottingham Royal Centre on 21st Oct 1986, playing "How Soon Is Now?" and "Still Ill" - Soundsville International / YouTube

    We knew each other from Camden in those years but I'm guessing you can't message me because you're a Guest?
  3. beanburger

    Mix engineer analyses 'How Soon is Now?'

    "... Andy Rourke playing a Rickenbacker..." Um, when???
  4. beanburger

    Half Man Half Biscuit: "The Voltarol Years" FLAC

    Thanks a Wirral, FWD
  5. beanburger

    The Smiths A-Z: "I Keep Mine Hidden"

    He's very much alive and kicking as Billy Bragg's longtime soundman/confidante
  6. beanburger

    Tape trading in 1989

    Those look like Steve and Paul Soundsville's from Camden Market
  7. beanburger

    What was the first The Smiths / Morrissey record you bought?

    Hand in Glove in '83 and there was nothing else of their's to buy for a while....
  8. beanburger

    The Smiths - Recollections

    okbye (! thanks)
  9. beanburger

    The Smiths - Recollections

    Just checked what's on the Drive and these above are absolutely not the same wonderful stuff that David put there. These are the lp's plus the associated singles that have been put through software to separate out the vocals from the musicians, then saved as 7z archive format.
  10. beanburger

    The Smiths - Recollections

    Many thanks!
  11. beanburger

    The Smiths - Recollections

    Sorry, guys, my mistake and I got it to work after updating my piece of software. One request though: can someone please give me the link to the first part of this set? I have 02, 03, and 04 but i can't see the link for 01. Big thanks in advance...
  12. beanburger

    The Smiths - Recollections

    After downloading the three that had working links, they are all broken files and don't properly extract
  13. beanburger

    Book: "The Smiths FAQ" by John D. Luerssen - Epub

    Big thanks, Famous, don't know this one
  14. beanburger

    The Smiths at the BBC - Radio 2 (FM/FLAC) & 6 Music (DSat/FLAC)

    Brilliant! Thank you, and a tacky badge...
  15. beanburger

    A small quarantine library (11 books - mixed format Epub/PDF)

    Thank you, Fwd for your continued sharing. It's greatly appreciated.
  16. beanburger

    Roland Gift - FYC

    Years ago just after their first single came out, I ran into him around the corner from my house. I complimented him on the singing and he denied that he was Roland Gift.
  17. beanburger

    The Many Faces Of The Smiths - 3 CD, FLAC download

    Thank you for the fix! :-)
  18. beanburger

    The Many Faces Of The Smiths - 3 CD, FLAC download

    Scans folder not available
  19. beanburger

    The Smiths – Complete (remastered iTunes version)

    I wish I knew. Anything unauthorised would be impossible.
  20. beanburger

    The Smiths – Complete (remastered iTunes version)

    That's very useful, thanks. It used to be a truism that band's performances were always better when they didn't know they were being recorded for posterity!
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