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  1. surewhynot

    What are you looking to get for the There is a Light 7"?

    What are you looking to get for the There is a Light 7"?
  2. surewhynot

    Boy with Thorn 7" Italian mispressed promo

    The seller has proven reliable to me in the past, but as you say, it's a lot to consider without more detailed photos/information. I suppose the answer would lie in dissecting the process of pressing vinyl, step by step, and see if the error is feasible. As far as 'promo' goes, perhaps it was...
  3. surewhynot

    Boy with Thorn 7" Italian mispressed promo Good snag! If it's legit I'd certainly like to learn more about it. Non-production Thorn's are of the rarest out there IMO.
  4. surewhynot

    Panic 7" Mayking test press in alternative sleeve

    First one I've seen. Nice score. If divulging, where'd you stumble upon it and what are your plans for it?
  5. surewhynot

    FS: HIG 12x24 Cartel (NM)

    Any takers? PM reasonable offers. Corners and edges fantastic, paper weights not included. Cleanest example I've owned.
  6. surewhynot

    TTY: List of the Lost, number one

    All I'm envisioning now is Count Chocula starring in an interpretive backdrop of 'What Difference Does It Make?'
  7. surewhynot

    Mispressed hatful?

    Yep, that one is the infamous 'Handful of Sorrow' mispressed sleeve
  8. surewhynot

    Spare £1000 anyone?

    Seems to be the case, unless it's somehow feasible that the true TP indeed could have had the same full matrix# as the promos. Otherwise it leaves a bad taste to merely be sold on label color.
  9. surewhynot

    Spare £1000 anyone?

    I'm intrigued at the thought of another test pressing for the revised version as well. Is there nomenclature available as to what each number/letter beyond the revision for A or B side really means? I have never really delved into that, shamefully. Perhaps that is where the certainty lies...
  10. surewhynot

    Spare £1000 anyone?

    I'm envisioning this whole ordeal being merged with the idea that collectors are now putting their off-white promos in the sunlight for an extended period of time. :lbf:
  11. surewhynot

    Spare £1000 anyone?

    So what's to say this isn't a promo (as the promos are documented to all have the rejected B1 cut) aside from the fact the label isn't pink? Is it known that all 12" promo labels of Ask were pink? If no one has a white label promo of this then I suppose there is some provenance.
  12. surewhynot

    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    That's fantastic. It's such, a bible! Will definitely require a copy.
  13. surewhynot

    Here we go again another fake

  14. surewhynot

    Taking offers for a VINX 71 (Italian William/HSIN 12" mispress)

    Are you still yammering on about that? I don't maintain the market value on those items isn't affected; I just said the evidence isn't completely irrefutable at this point. Ergo, your cash offer is kindly accepted. :)
  15. surewhynot

    Hatful of Hollow white label

    I am of a differing opinion on that matter. Alan's mint (stated) HiG neg went for exactly 50% higher than RC2014's estimate. Some of them you just snatch while you have the opportunity.
  16. surewhynot

    Hatful of Hollow white label

    The majority of offers have been north of the RC2014 entry's estimate, but not by too much. I decided to take offers on it since it has seemed to become increasingly scarce. I still anticipate it to become a wise investment in any case.
  17. surewhynot

    Hatful of Hollow white label

    I will check mine when I get home. I recall you selling me one a while back -- will read those as well :)
  18. surewhynot

    The Queen Is Dead tour T-shirt

    If you are unable to post here feel free to send me the photo. [email protected]
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