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  1. ic1960

    Morrissey Live (flac) Doncaster - Dome (Sep. 30, 2022)

    Thanks for a great recording.....hugely appreciated. But why is Frankly, Mr. Shankly missing?
  2. ic1960

    Birmingham Genting Arena, Feb. 27, 2018

    Thanks for splitting the file.....much appreciated.
  3. ic1960

    Morrissey - Sisterama

    Wow huge thanks once again....looking forward to how this thread develops for sure! Much appreciated.
  4. ic1960

    The Smiths at the BBC - Radio 2 (FM/FLAC) & 6 Music (DSat/FLAC)

    Brilliant stuff. Many thanks for sharing.
  5. ic1960

    The Smiths - Recollections

    Huge thanks. All of this is greatly appreciated.
  6. ic1960

    My Beloved Alcoholic Saint (rarities anthology 82-18)

    Huge thanks to Mr Jackpots for compiling this magnificent really is appreciated.
  7. ic1960

    Morrissey live collection

    Thanks for all the links above guys....much appreciated.
  8. ic1960

    Louder Than War / Sam Lambeth (2nd review via blog): IANADOAC review 6/10 (March 13, 2020)

    For clarification, one review was on the LTW website and the other was in the printed version of LTW that comes out periodically. Whilst John Robb overseas both, they have different teams of writers and are therefore quite distinct.
  9. ic1960

    2020-03-06 Leeds (near) complete show

    Brilliant job.....huge thanks for sharing. Great night!
  10. ic1960

    Morrissey 2019-05-10 New York

    This is the youtube source split into tracks.......I just think it has a better sound overall......hope the link works.......
  11. ic1960

    Morrissey 2019-05-02 New York

    Totally agree with everything you have said in all your posts above FWD. If I have bothered to acquire and listen to a bootleg live recording I will always buy an officially released version if one appears. And I would expect the vast majority of artists to have bought and shared bootleg live...
  12. ic1960

    Morrissey 2019-05-02 New York

    Well the key factor is that no one is profiting from this as no money is changing hands so the artist is losing nothing. And given that Morrissey used to collect and share live tapes of his favourite bands back in the day, he can hardly have an issue with it. I got my first 2 live New York Dolls...
  13. ic1960

    Morrissey - NON-COMMvention (May 14, 2019): Live audio / separate MP3s

    Wow that was quick.......many thanks FWD!
  14. ic1960

    Morrissey 2019-05-10 New York

    Thanks for the clarification and huge thanks for taping and sharing the recording......much appreciated.
  15. ic1960

    Morrissey 2019-05-10 New York

    Thanks to all concerned for the links. Not sure if it’s my laptop or even my ears but the sound from the download links appears to have a very boomy bottom end. However when I watch the video on YouTube the sound appears to be much cleaner. Yet is assume it’s all the same source. I might try...
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