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    Mexico and S. America Tour Dates (unconfirmed)

    no concert dates yet on the website on the tour icon if you press all still the same for ages ,on top says new concerts for june july etc in south American countries & mexico etc... but nothing is known yet !!! so...
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    Mexico and S. America Tour Dates (unconfirmed)

    when concerts due ? on the tour calendar all concerts say cancelled , on top says new dates to be realesed for june july south America etc... but still not inform properly...
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    Mexico and S. America Tour Dates (unconfirmed)

    nothing clear !!! on the website on tour still not updated nothing yet ! it says new dates for june july for concerts in south America, but the tour calendar is been at the same for ages... what's going on ?
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    Morrissey at the Rolling Stones concert in Los Angeles (May 3, 2013) - photos posted at Zimbio

    concerts not on tour guide hey i was looking on the top icon it says tour and all concerts are cancelled but i saw on the main web that morrissey done a concert on the 3rd of may and nothoing was anounced or let know to the people... what's going on ???
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    New album for new versions

    Hello, morrissey has changed a lot the songs recently such as ouija board and you have killed me and other ones i mean on the way he plays them and diffrent voice and diffrent guitar sounds is all a diffrent version specially ouija board with the playing of the guitar also first of the gang is...
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    Brisbane - Convention Centre (Dec. 17, 2012) post-show

    hi..anyone went to brisbane concert on the 17th december ?? i could not understand much about the comment he made after the song ouija board, ouija board about rockwiz...he said he turned on the tv and no one talk about him...what he was upset of ??? many thanks....merry christmas to everyone...
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    Brisbane - Convention Centre (Dec. 17, 2012) post-show

    hi hand in glove,,,is tommy77 i was in brisbane concert but far on the back...he made a comment that he turned on the tv and rocwiz was on and that they did'nt talk about him...did he get jealous or upset about ???? all the best
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    Brisbane - Convention Centre (Dec. 17, 2012) post-show

    First words brisbane concert Hello there,,anyone went on the 17th december to see brisbane concert ? On the begining after making the salute with all members of the band, he said a few words i think in latin like priest but with dominant voice like a dictator...very unique i should had...
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    Enmore Theatre ticket available for Sydney concert

    hi i'm zac i could not see your phone details please text me on 0470394473.i call back i been looking to go to enmore.let me know news.cheers.zac
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    i have a complete cd's of morrissey for sale (complete all realesed) except singles cd's.all are cd.some are 2cd set with cardboard sleve with booklets and posters no one is missing.some are new unused all excellent condition as new.only sell in australia.aprox.value is around $ 500(aud).selling...
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    how they share the money?

    my question is as before morrissey was playing on the band the smiths and then they split.but today morrissey still doing concerts and singing songs that he compose (write) with other people under morrissey,but what happens to the old songs that were from when he was with smiths like an example...
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    Morrissey to tour New Zealand and Australia

    Tickets terms & conditions Hello does anyone know about tickets purchase? I was looking at the concert coming soon in brisbane and i went to ticketek website and it says 4 tickeys per person but below it says cannot resale and something of a code each what that means? That you can buy 4 but...
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    Morrissey-solo website is a wikineaks

    the people of morrissey solo did not reply to me,ha,ha they know they are a fukers
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    Morrissey-solo website is a wikineaks

    the wbsite morrissey-solo not even had the detail to answer me,,, bagger them to fukkkknnn hell
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    Morrissey-solo website is a wikineaks

    i been not answered by morrissey website,they are so lazy!
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    Morrissey-solo website is a wikineaks

    Hey everyone, i just let know to the public that this website is monitored by people who erase and cancel posts threads if they don't like what you say i post some comments relating a concert about it was not good to be on monday as people are working next day tuesday! And some other things and...
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    did you remove my post thread? as i saw that maybe you done something,i just make some true...

    did you remove my post thread? as i saw that maybe you done something,i just make some true comments about brisbane concert and someone remove the thread
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    More thread-merging madness

    Morrissey-solo removed my thread Hello,yesterday i post a thread on the tour section,about the concert coming soon to australia in brisbane on 17 th of december (queensland) as i live 79 kms from brisbane i just post making some comments that it was a bad dad day to be monday (17-dec) as a lot...
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